Under what circumstances should the electric vehicle battery be replaced?

Date:Apr 22, 2019

I believe that many car owners will encounter such a situation. As the riding time increases, the mileage of electric vehicles decreases day by day, and they have to be recharged frequently to ensure daily riding.

The mileage of electric vehicles is reduced. Most owners will think of batteries first. After all, batteries are the most direct factor to support mileage. So, do you need to replace batteries?

Most of the electric vehicle batteries are lead-acid batteries, and their service life is limited. During the process of use, the capacity will gradually decrease and the performance will gradually decline. Until the end of life, when the user's requirements are not met, the battery needs to be replaced.

As a car owner, how to judge whether the battery is scrapped? I have compiled the following points for your reference.

Normal service life expires

Electric vehicle batteries are a consumable item. Of course, each battery will have a different life span depending on the brand. Everyone has different habits, different lifespans, different maintenance, etc., and their life span is different, but they are always bad. Even if they are not used for a long time, the battery of the electric car can no longer be used when the battery life expires. Continue to use, then we need to replace the new battery with the electric car.

6-DZM-20 battery

Battery drum kit

Many car owners' electric vehicle batteries will have bulging, and battery bulging is caused by many reasons. For example, using inferior chargers, overcharging, fast charging stations, high-current charging, and long-term use will cause serious battery degassing. A bulging phenomenon occurs. (Note: The original accessory charger will also be drummed for a long time.)

There is also the matching of the charger is also very important, because the electric car brand is different, the battery model is different, and some electric car users like to mix the charger, the voltage and current do not match, it is easy to appear the drum filling situation, if it appears In the case of charging, it is only possible to change the battery. Here I suggest that you mainly develop good habits, and to a certain extent, extend the life of electric vehicles.


Battery plate breakage

After the battery block of the electric vehicle is found to be broken, the battery needs to be replaced. The broken grid is generally caused by the battery production process, such as the quality of the battery soldering.

Short circuit

The electric vehicle battery is short-circuited. Generally, the battery is in use, and the discharge is excessive, causing the lead on the pole plate to fall off, that is, the battery is in the state of “de-powdering”, the lead powder is deposited at the bottom, and the positive and negative plates are gradually short-circuited.

Damaged battery case

The battery case is damaged and can be seen with the naked eye. At this time, it is necessary to replace the battery for safety reasons. This situation is generally caused by external impact, and the quality of the battery itself is not critical.

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