what is a car jump starter

Date:Jan 21, 2021

Car jump starter is a multi-functional portable mobile power supply developed for car lovers and business people. Its special function is to start the car when it is unable to start due to power shortage or other reasons. At the same time, the combination of air pump with emergency power supply, outdoor lighting and other functions is one of the necessary products for outdoor travel.

The design concept of automobile emergency starting power supply is easy to operate, easy to carry, and able to deal with various emergencies. At present, there are mainly two kinds of automobile emergency starting power supply on the market, one is lead-acid battery, the other is lithium polymer.

The lead-acid battery type of automobile emergency starting power supply is more traditional, using the maintenance free lead-acid battery, the quality and volume are large, the corresponding battery capacity, starting current and so on will be relatively large. This kind of products are generally equipped with air pump, as well as over-current, overload, overcharge and reverse connection indication protection functions, which can charge all kinds of electronic products, and some products also have inverter and other functions.

Lithium polymer automotive emergency starting power supply is relatively new, is a recent product, light weight, small size, can be mastered. These products are generally not equipped with air pump, with overcharge off function, and the lighting function is more powerful, which can supply power for all kinds of electronic products. The lighting of this kind of products generally has the function of flash or SOS remote led rescue signal lamp, which is more practical.

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