What is a high temperature lithium battery?

Date:Nov 13, 2019

What is a high temperature lithium battery? Can iron-lithium batteries be used at high temperatures? Lithium-ion batteries have become popular in people's daily lives, but researchers are still working hard to create safer versions. Ordinary lithium batteries cause great trouble at high temperatures. In order to avoid "self-ignition", experts have developed a new type of battery "high temperature lithium battery". Everyone wants to know what is a high temperature lithium battery? Can iron-lithium batteries be used at high temperatures?

What is a high temperature lithium battery.

High-temperature lithium batteries are generally classified into five grades at 100 ° C, 125 ° C, 150 ° C, 175 ° C, and 200 ° C and above. In all electrochemical systems, the two systems have the longest storage time and the highest operating voltage. A battery that is used at or below 100 °C does not require special design, and the battery on the market can be used with appropriate modifications. A battery that is used at a temperature lower than or equal to 125 ° C can produce a qualified product as long as it is properly adjusted and controlled based on the conventional battery production process. Batteries used at 150 ° C and 175 ° C require special design. The battery used at 180 ° C and above, because lithium has a melting point of 180.5 ° C is not suitable for the negative electrode, such a battery must use a lithium alloy as the negative electrode.

High temperature lithium battery advantages

First of all, the high-temperature lithium battery is different from the ordinary lithium battery. Its power storage capacity is very large, so the power supply is so many, it can be several times that of the ordinary battery, and its service life is also very long. Secondly, this high-temperature lithium battery also has strong resistance to high and low temperature, which means that its adaptability is very strong, it can withstand low temperatures of tens of degrees below zero, and it can be safe in case of exceeding a lot of normal temperature. Working on the ground, this is obviously unmatched by other lithium batteries.

Finally, the biggest advantage of this high-temperature lithium battery battery is that its environmental performance is beyond normal, not only does it produce toxic and harmful substances during production and use, but also does not produce the environment in the case of its scrap. Any harm, therefore, it will not adversely affect our body and the entire environment. More in line with today's green and healthy concept.

Can iron-lithium batteries be used at high temperatures?

Obviously it is not possible, and it is not recommended. Any battery, whether it is a lithium battery or not, has a safe temperature range. Below the operating temperature, the battery will reduce or even lose the applied capacity and will not function properly. Above the allowable temperature, the battery is in danger of exploding, please use it with caution. High temperatures can reduce the capacity of the battery. This factor will affect all types of equipment, and even smartphones will heat up because of working procedures. Laptops will also become very hot when they perform load tasks. The battery of a notebook computer is generally close to the electronic components, and when many tasks are performed, the overheating of the components may also damage the battery.

One of the common problems is overcharging, which causes the battery to overheat, and even further chemical changes in the positive electrode, which may eventually ignite or explode. Don't think that battery overheating will only happen to overcharge. Similarly, overdischarge will also cause the same accident, because the anode contains oxides, which will react with the electrolyte and release heat. Inferior batteries may also cause the above reaction due to impurities entering the electrolyte.

In the early years, China's electronic technology was still not developed enough. Therefore, the high-temperature lithium battery used can only be imported from Western countries. However, the price of imported batteries is high, which causes the industrial cost to increase. At present, China has been able to manufacture all the indicators that are qualified. High-temperature lithium batteries, the quality of which can compete with foreign countries, all industrial sites that need to use high-temperature batteries can replace imported batteries with domestic batteries.

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