What is regenerative braking and why is it useful for electric vehicles?

Date:Oct 31, 2019

For the current new energy vehicles, there are different configurations from the fuel vehicles. For some configurations, it has become a selling point for manufacturers. Compared with traditional vehicles, electric vehicles have an absolute advantage, that is, regenerative braking, what is Regenerative braking, why is it useful for electric vehicles?

For regenerative braking, it is unique to electric vehicles, that is, it can recover a part of braking energy during braking. Simply put, the car generates a certain amount of heat during the braking process, and if the heat is not recovered, the energy is lost as heat. This regenerative braking process occurs when the car is slowing or stopping. According to the working condition of regenerative braking, the regenerative braking is based on the motor, that is, the electric energy is generated by the motor reversal. For the motor of the vehicle, the reversibility of the motor makes the motor under certain conditions. Can be converted into generator operation.

Therefore, the brake can be used in the braking mode to make the motor run in the power generation state, and the feedback current generated by the brake is charged into the power battery through the feedback power generating device, so that a part of the inertial energy can be recovered, in the process, The motor supplies power to the battery. Improve the cruising range of electric vehicles. Regenerative braking does not get all the energy to propel the car forward, but for regenerative braking, it also really helps to increase the life of the electric car.

In general, the regenerative braking system has been developed to date, and there are still some defects in use, which need to be continuously improved. In many cases, the regenerative braking system is very straightforward during operation, reducing brake disc wear and improving vehicle braking safety and economy of use.

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