What is the UPS battery

Date:Dec 28, 2020

UPS is developed in response to the reliability requirements of China's power grid environment and network monitoring and network systems, medical systems, etc., to overcome the increasingly harsh power supply grid environment caused by the centralized power supply of medium and large computer network systems, and is developed with new digital technology The third-generation power frequency pure online intelligent UPS. A DC power supply is a device that maintains a constant current in the circuit. Such as dry batteries, storage batteries, DC generators, etc.

UPS and DC power supply are important power supply equipment for enterprises. Traditional maintenance management includes: ①Daily inspection of appearance, regular replacement of wearing parts such as batteries, filter capacitors, fans, etc., battery activation during major repairs, etc.; ②Modification or adoption of replacement equipment , Use advanced tools to test battery performance. This kind of management method has high investment cost for enterprises, heavy workload of maintenance personnel, it is not easy to grasp equipment operation status and key data in real time, and equipment accident prevention ability is low. The implementation of online maintenance management can avoid the shortcomings of traditional methods and obtain good benefits.

UPS means "Uninterruptible Power Supply" in Chinese, which is the abbreviation of "Uninterruptible Power Supply" in English. It can ensure that the computer system continues to work for a period of time after a power outage so that the user can save it urgently, so that the user will not be affected or lost due to a power outage. data.

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