What should I pay attention to when using UPS power?

Date:Dec 12, 2019

The role of UPS power

1. The UPS power supply is mainly composed of the UPS host and the UPS battery, which are divided into online, backup and online interactive types. According to the frequency, it divides the high frequency machine and the industrial frequency machine. When the machine has electricity, it will supply the city electricity. The AC power is rectified and stored in its own power supply. Once the power supply is stopped, it can provide power and use electrical equipment to maintain a working time. The holding time may be 10 minutes, half an hour, etc. The delay time is generally determined by the capacity of the battery.

2. The uninterrupted characteristic of UPS is reflected in its "synchronous switching" working procedure. When the mains and inverter are switched, its control system will timely detect the synchronous range of the mains. When the mains does not exceed the limit, the reverse The converter realizes "on-off and then-off" power supply, thereby ensuring "uninterrupted switching" of the power supply system.

3. The UPS power supply provides continuous and stable power for the load, and does not allow factors such as mains fluctuations, pauses, and interference to affect the power equipment, and the power equipment is operating normally and continuously.

4. UPS has been paid more and more attention, and has gradually developed into a power protection system with functions of voltage stabilization, frequency stabilization, filtering, anti-electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, and anti-voltage surge.

The following points should be noted when using UPS power

When using the UPS power supply, the manufacturer's product instructions should be strictly followed to ensure that the sequence of live and neutral wires of the mains connected to the UPS meets the requirements;

Do not overload the UPS. The maximum load of the UPS power supply should be 80% of its nominal load;

The UPS must be turned on for a long time, and the computer and other loads must be turned on every time they are used. After use, just turn off the power switch of the computer and other loads;

The power in the battery in the UPS may be exhausted or nearly exhausted for some reason. In order to compensate the battery energy and improve the battery life, the UPS needs to perform continuous, long-term continuous charging.

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