Why is battery development technology so slow?

Date:Mar 26, 2020

With the progress and development of the times, more and more people understand the importance of environmental protection. Because of this, many fuel vehicle manufacturers now try to develop pure electric vehicles. However, over time, many people People have finally discovered that in the more than ten years since the introduction of electric vehicles, the fundamental problem of short battery life has not been resolved. What exactly is causing the stagnation of battery technology?

First of all, during the development of the battery for more than ten years, the biggest problem encountered was how to turn an idea into a product, because if the performance of one aspect is improved, it may be imaged to another aspect. Performance, no matter which method is used, there must be a comparative trade-off. It is precisely because of these existing problems that it leads to the dispersion and uncertainty of research, and the battery research and development technology has become a little slow.

Second, the lithium-ion battery used in new energy vehicles works by moving lithium ions between the two electrodes. The positive electrode is lithium cobaltate, and the negative electrode is graphite. . As we all know, the reserves of cobalt in nature are limited, but now new energy vehicles are in a rising period. So it is conceivable that under the situation of decreasing cobalt reserves and rising prices, research and development of new poles Alternatives are by far the smartest choice.

All in all, the battery technology has been developing, but the demand for new energy vehicles on electricity has far exceeded the development of the battery itself. It is hoped that in the future, the battery can find a reasonable alternative to the positive and negative materials, so that battery technology will Take a bigger step forward.

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