Why is the lithium battery life so short?

Date:Sep 17, 2019

The influence of internal factors of lithium battery

1. Side reaction of lithium ion battery;

2. Irreversible consumption of active substances in lithium ion batteries;

3. For large-scale lithium-ion batteries, the battery has a large operating current and slow heat dissipation, which easily causes damage to the battery structure;

4. If the lithium battery is added with safety protection measures, it needs to be maintained by the power provided by the lithium battery.

Impact of work factors

1. The improper working environment of the lithium battery directly affects the length of the life: the charging temperature of the lithium battery is 0 ° C ~ 45 ° C, and the discharge temperature of the lithium battery is -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C;

2. During the charging and discharging process of the lithium battery, it is forbidden to overcharge and over discharge the lithium battery;

3. Do not operate incorrectly when working on lithium batteries: short circuit;

4. Charge the battery using a regular matching lithium battery charger.

5. For the newly charged lithium battery to be put on hold for half a clock, the charging performance is stable and then used, otherwise it will affect the battery performance.

The above is the method of improving the cycle life of the lithium battery. In order to measure the performance of the rechargeable battery in the end, the definition of the number of cycles is specified. The actual user usage is ever-changing, because the tests with different conditions are not comparable, and the comparison must be standardized to define the cycle life....

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