VRLA Gel Battery

VRLA Gel Battery

Chilwee EVF Series VRLA Gel Battery is specially designed for electric vehicles , i.e. electric automobiles ,electic road vehicles,golf cart,low speed electric cart ,etc. and other devices require DC power source .The EVF Series adopts cycle life ,large current discharge capability ,high reliability and safety,and environmrntal-friendly .

Nominal Voltage (V)8V
Open Circuit Voltage (V/Block)8.53V - 8.93V
Number of Cells (Per Block)4Cells

Rated Capacity 

       (Ah, 25℃)
2h rate (to 1.75V/Cell)135Ah
3h rate (to 1.75V/Cell)150Ah
5h rate (to 1.80V/Cell)160Ah
10h rate (to 1.85V/Cell)180Ah
20h rate (to 1.85V/Cell)200Ah
Nominal Weight (Kgs)Approx. 37Kgs
Dimension (L X W X H, Total Height. mm)(260mm±3) X (180mm±3) X (280mm±3), (280mm±3)
Container MaterialEnhanced ABS

Charge Voltage

Float (V/Block)9.2V
Cycle (V/Block)9.77V - 9.84V
Maximum Discharge Current (A)750A (5s)
Maximum Charge Current (A)25A

4-EVF-150A technical curves

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