High-Quality 12V100ah for Electric Vehicle Battery

High-Quality 12V100ah for Electric Vehicle Battery

Basic Info Construction : Positive plates - Pb-Sn alloy Negative plates - Balanced lead-calcium grids for improved recombination efficiency Separators - Advanced AGM separators for high pressure cell design Electrolyte - dilute high purity sulphuric acid Battery container and Cover - ABS Pillar...

Basic Info

Model NO.:EV12-100A

Type:Lead-Acid Batteries

Usage:Car, Electric Bicycle

Nominal Voltage:12V

Discharge Rate:High Discharge Rate

Shape:Square Battery







Origin:Changxing,Zhejiang Province, China

HS Code:850720000

Positive plates - Pb-Sn alloy
Negative plates - Balanced lead-calcium grids for improved recombination efficiency
Separators - Advanced AGM separators for high pressure cell design
Electrolyte - dilute high purity sulphuric acid
Battery container and Cover - ABS 
Pillar seal -100% factory tested, proven two layers epoxy resin seal
Relief valve - complete with integrated flame arrestor
 Extra Long Life:Chilwee EVF Series are designed with high quality grid alloy enables the grid with features of anti-corrosion, low gas emission and excellent deep cycle performance, as well as hign density and special deep cycle lead paste prescription is adopted to ensure extra long cycle life. The cycle life may reach 600+ cycles @ 80% DOD

High Capacity and High Energy Density:Chilwee EVF Series are designed with adequate active material and higher electrolyte density to increase the battery's capacity within certain dimension and weight, so as to keep the battery with high energy density to be compatible with most of the electric vehicle without providing extra space to install batteries.

High Reliability and Safety:High strength ABS battery container and lid, perfect safety valve design, and high strength & excellent large current electroconductivity copper terminal design are adopted to ensure the Chilwee EVF Series with high reliability and safety at extreme condition.

High Environmental Adaptability:Chilwee EVF Series adopts special fumed silica Gel in electrolyte and special Gel type separator to prevent electrolyte sratification. This can significantly improve the battery's service life and environmental adptability

Non-Cadmium Design, Environment-friendly:Chilwee Battery has adopted internationally leading technology - container formation non-cadmium production technology, which is in the leading position in the industry. It helps to save energy 28.5%, save water 90%, and non-discharge of waste water.


 1.Electric vehicles, i.e. electric car, tricycles, etc.

 2.Low speed road vehicles, i.e. golf cart, electric resort car, etc.

 3.Electric engineering machines, i.e. forklift, lifting platform, sweeper, scraper, etc.

 4.Renewable energy storage, i.e. solar/wind energy system

 5.Other devices require DC power supply

- NP series batteries have acid in the case and are fully charged before leaving factory. Do not attempt to dismantle the battery, if accidental skin/eye contact is made with electrolyte, seek medical advice immediately.
- Do not use a new battery with an old one.
- Do not use the battery in sealed container.
- Each battery should have detailed record including the ex-factory date, installing date and using record.
- Check the connection of wire in a fixed interval (once a year). If there is any looseness should tighten the wire.
- Wipe the surface of the battery with soft cloth in a fixed interval (once three months) and always keep the battery clean.
- Avoid using any kind of organic solvents for cleaning the surface of the battery. 
Company Information:

Chilwee Group (Briefly named “ Chilwee” hereinafter) was established in 1998, and headquarter is located in Changxing County, Zhejiang Province, China. Chilwee is the industry’s leading company who are engaged in researching & developing, manufacturing and sales of new energy motive power batteries and energy storage solutions. Chilwee was listed on the main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in July 2010, and is now one of the 500 largest enterprises in China. Chilwee is also a National Key High-Tech Enterprise, and we have been successfully awarded as the “ Top 50 Comprehensive Competitiveness in Private Enterprises in China” and ranked No.1.Chilwee has 18 Subsidiaries in 7 Provinces in China, including 9 of these companies are National High-Tech Enterprises. The number of staff is over 22000 up to date.

1.What certifications does your battery meet?
Our battey had passed the CE/RoHS,ISO9001 certifications.
2.Would your factory like to accept customers logo?
Yes! We can produce the battery with OEM.
Why choose us?
1.We have over ten year experience of doing lead acid battery;
2. Changing on the material:color,shape acceptable;
3.Third party inspection:acceptable;
4.Full check after every individual process finished;
5.Full check after production half-done;
6.Spots check after production before shipping.  
Any other questions,please don't hesitate to contact with me freely,thank you!!!

Product Description

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