Maintenance Free Lead Acid Electric Tricycle Battery

Maintenance Free Lead Acid Electric Tricycle Battery
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Chaowei Energy & Power Co.,Ltd is one of the leading maintenance free lead acid electric tricycle battery manufacturers in China, equipped with one of the famous brands, welcome to buy discount maintenance free lead acid electric tricycle battery, and you are also welcomed to check the price and quotation with our factory.

6-EVF-32A+12V 32Ah(3hr) VRLA GEL BATTERY
Chilwee Plus Series VRLA Gel Battery is designed based on DZM series supported with Direct Cast-Welding Technology, which enables the battery with an excellent large current discharge capability and larger capacity. The Chilwee Plus Series provides longer voyage and stronger power for motive power applications, i.e. electric bicycles, electric tricycles, electric motocycles and other device require DC power source.
* Designed based on DZM series with the features of reliability, safety and high cost effeciency. Thicker plate design enables
       longer service life.
* Direct Cast-Welding Technology is applied to connect each cell, which makes the battery has lower internal resistance.
       Large current discharge/charge is enabled, and no risk of  short-circuit between cells
* Fully sealed and enhanced Polymer Gel is applied to ensure no leaking
* Increased positive active material to improve the battery's initial capacity and service life
* Thick AGM separator design to prevent short-circuit
Nominal Voltage (V)12V
Open Circuit Voltage (V/Block)13.1V - 13.45V
Number of Cells (Per Block)6 Cells
Rated Capacity
       (Ah, 25℃)
2h rate (to 1.75V/Cell)31Ah
3h rate (to 1.75V/Cell)33Ah
5h rate (to 1.80V/Cell)35Ah
10h rate (to 1.80V/Cell)37Ah
20h rate (to 1.85V/Cell)39Ah
Nominal Weight (Kgs)Approx. 10.5 Kgs
Dimension (L X W X H, Total Height. mm)(267mm±2) X (77mm±2) X (170mm±2), (170mm±2)
Container MaterialEnhanced ABS
Charge VoltageFloat (V/Block)13.50V - 13.80V
Cycle (V/Block)14.60V - 14.80V
Maximum Discharge Current (A)225A (5s)
Maximum Charge Current (A)4.4A
Working Temperature(℃)Operation (maximum): -20℃ to 50℃
Operation (recommended): 20℃ to 30℃
Storage Temperature(℃)-20℃ to 50℃
6-EVF-32A+12V 32Ah(3hr) VRLA GEL BATTERY

Item48V Battery Bank60V Battery Bank72V Battery Bank
Charger ParametersMax. Charge Voltage (V)58.6V-59.0V73.3V-73.7V88.0V-88.2V
Float Charge Voltage (V)54.8V-55.2V68.6V-69.0V82.3V-82.7V
Max. Charge Current (A)4.0A-4.4A4.0A-4.4A4.0A-4.4A
Shifting Current (A)0.8A-0.9A0.8A-0.9A0.8A-0.9A
Temperature Compensation Coefficient  (mV/℃/Cell)2.5~4.0mV/℃/Cell2.5~4.0mV/℃/Cell2.5~4.0mV/℃/Cell
Controller ParametersLow-voltage Protection (V)42V±0.5V52.5V±0.5V63V±0.5V
Limited Current  (A)≤38A≤38A≤38A
Lock Turn-on Current (A)≤0.2A≤0.2A≤0.2A
Electric Motor SettingAverage Current (A)≤15A≤15A≤15A
Electric Motor Power (W)≤600W≤650W≤700W
* All the data and technical curves are for customer's reference only. This information is subject to change without any prior notice.

Paper carton for per bank battery, Then stripped with  plstic pallet.

7-10 Days

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6-DZM-20 12V20A@2HR CHILWEE VRLA Battery

Chilwee products have already been distributed in all over world, and local service facilities are being deployed in each region. Chilwee is committed to provide complete services including technology training, warranty replacement service, fault analysis trouble-shooting, battery maintenance service and battery disposal service, etc.

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