Small Battery For Electric Bike

Small Battery For Electric Bike

Non-Cadmium Design, Environment-friendly,Super Long Mileage,Strong Motive Power,Long Service Life,Non-Spillable and High Safety,High Reliability
Battery specifications and size parameters
Rated Voltage (V)
Rated Capacity (3hr)


Height of pole(mm)168mm
Reference Weight(KG)9.3KG
Battery Performance Parameters
Rated Capacity(25℃)2 hours rate capacity (15.0A discharge): 30AH
3 hours rate capacity (10.7A discharge): 32AH
10 hours rate capacity (3.5A discharge): 35AH
Different temperature discharge capacity (3hr)


Battery Storage Capacity(25℃)
Store for 3 months90%
Store for 6 months80%
Store for 9 months60%
Charge at limited voltage(25℃)
RecyclingMax charging current 3.5-4.2A
Floating charge




Non-Cadmium Design, Environment-friendly: Chilwee Battery has adopted internationally leading technology - Non-Cadmium container formation Production

Process technology, which is in the leading position in the industry. It helps to save energy 28.5%, save water 90%, and non-discharge of waste water.

Super Long Mileage: Special active additives have been added in the positive plate to improve the consistency of the formated active material after formation.
This has been obviously improved the battery's charge/discharge efficiency, and more power can be released during discharging. The mileage of each discharge
is improved significantly.

Strong Motive Power: Super thin plate design is adopted to increase the area of electrochemical reaction, which enables the battery has excellent large current
discharge ability. Adopting cast-welding process to reduce the battery's internal resistance, so the battery's charge/discharge efficiency is improved to enable
battery with large power discharge capability.

Long Service Life: The Chilwee battery has excellent cycle life which can reach 600 cycles @ 80% DOD. The batteries are well grouped to improve the battery
bank's consistency in order to improve the battery bank's service life.

Non-Spillable and High Safety: The battery container and lid are made of Enhanced ABS material and they are sealed by epoxy resin, so the battery is well
sealed without any acid leakage issue. High accuracy safety valve has been applied to prevent battery bulging, and safety valve and acid filter are used for
preventing sparks splashed into battery to ensure the safety use of battery.

High Reliability: Improved negative material prescription and increased micropoles structure at negative helps to improve a lot on charge/discharge
performance at extreme temperature condition. Low water loss rate, high temperature resistance, and battery deformation resistance.

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