BN4812DY Battery for Electric Vehicle

BN4812DY  Battery for Electric Vehicle
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Product Details

Basic Info

Type:Lithium-Ion Batteries

Usage:Car, Bus, UPS, Electric Power, Electric Bicycle, 

Nominal Voltage:48V

Discharge Rate:High Discharge Rate

Shape:Square Battery


Battery Model No.



MnNiCo Composite Material + LiMn2O4

Nominal Voltage (V)


Nominal Capacity (C2, 25℃ )


Battery Pack Dimension (mm)

199mm X 149mm X 96mm (L X W X H)

Nominal Weight (Kg)

3.9Kgs ± 0.1

Charge Limited Voltage (V)


Continuous Charge Current (A)


Maximum Charge Current (A)


Charge Mode (Constant Current/Constant

2A X 6.5h

Discharge Cut-off Voltage (V)

≥ 39V

Continuous Discharge Current (A)

≤ 10A

Maximum Continuous Discharge Current (A)

≤ 15A

Cycle Life at 100% D.O.D.

≥ 800 Cycles

Charging Port / Discharging Port

Banana Plug / Banana Plug

Capacity Retention Rate at 0℃

≥ 90%

Self-Discharge Rate (25℃)

≤ 3% per month

Temperature Characteristic

Charging:0℃ - 40℃

Discharging:-20℃ - 40℃

Storage:-20℃ - 40℃


1.Modularized design and pefectly compatible to the electric bicycles which are using traditional VRLA batteries

2.Green " and environment-friendly, no pollution to the environment during production and normal usage

3.Stable structure and simplified production process enables mass production and easy maintenance

4.Completely new protection design of water-proof, fire-proof, shock-resistance enable high safety

5.Professional protection module and BMS ensures the battery pack to be protected perfectly

6.High weight and measurement specific energy ensures the battery pack extremely long-voyage ability

7.Super long life supported by innovative technologies, high quality material and strict manufacturing control


In order to prevent any possible battery leaking, heating, please benoticed for below preventative measures:

1.When the battery pack's terminal voltage is higher than 36V (safety voltage forhuman body), any body contact to the battery terminals is prohibited.

2.The battery pack must be fully charged before discharge at the first time of use

3.For those battery packs which require long period storage (3 months above), they must be stored at dry, clean and well-ventilated place. The battery pack must be re-charged and discharged in every 3 months, and storage temperature shall be between -10℃~45℃

4.Leaving the battery pack at heat source is prohibited

5.Slapping, throwing or treading on the battery pack is prohibited

6.Short-circuiting the battery positive and negative is prohibited.

7.Disassembly or refit of battery pack without premission of Chilwee engineers is prohibited

8.Immersing the battery pack into water is prohibited. Battery pack must be stored at dry and clean environment while it is not in use.

9.The user must use quality charger to charge the battery, or as per Chilwee's recommendation

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