Ebike Battery

Ebike Battery

We manufacture and supply all kinds of SLA batteries (AGM, GEL, AGM-GEL, Pb-C), rechargeable Li-ion battery and flooded battery used for motive (Electrical bicycle/Tricycle, EV, HEV, forklift, electrical tools/toys, etc.), renewable energy storage (solar, wind etc.), reserve (telecom, UPS, emergency lighting, security system etc.) and motorcycle. We can also supply electrical bicycles, tricycles, related accessories as well as technical support for new factory establishment.
The main technical parameters
7020LV Recommended for electric motorcycles with motor power less than 800W
Nominal Voltage(V)60
Nominal capacity(AH):
Battery weight(kg):About 8.6kg
Battery size(mm):230*180*170mm
Charger constant current value:2~4
Charger time(hr):10~14
Normal operating current:≦20
Maximum continuous current:≦30
Cycle life:≧600
Zero capacity retention:≧90%
Charging temperature:0℃~40℃
Discharge temperature:-20℃~40℃
Storage temperature-20℃~10℃

Warning :

Do not insert batteries with the(+)and(-)reversed.;

Do not over-discharge/overcharge;

Removes battery if not in use for long period;

Do not dispose batteries in fire, heat or short circuit;

Do not submerge the battery in water.

Ebike Battery

Ebike Battery

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