Electric Bikes Battery Super Long Mileage

Electric Bikes Battery Super Long Mileage

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TypeLi ionLi ionLi ionLi ion
Nominal Voltage48.0V48.0V60V72V
Typical capacity(25℃,0.2C Charge&discharge)25Ah30Ah20Ah20Ah
Charge Voltage(cc/cv)54.6V54.6V67.2V84.0V
Max. Charge Voltage(cc/cv)56V56V69V86V
Standard Charge Current0.25C0.25C0.25C0.25C
Max. Charge Current0.5C0.5C0.5C0.5C
Standard Charge TimeAround 6HAround 6HAround 6HAround 6H
Continue discharge Current≤1C≤1C≤1C≤1C
Max. Pulse discharge Current3C3C3C3C
Discharge End Voltage36.4V36.4V44.8V56V
Protection48VBMS,over-charge/discharge protection, over-heat protection48VBMS,over-charge/discharge protection, over-heat protection60VBMS,over-charge/discharge protection, over-heat protection72VBMS,over-charge/discharge protection, over-heat protection
Cycle life@80% DOD,25℃,0.2C Charge&discharge≥1000 times≥1000 times≥1000 times≥1000 times
Weight (approximate)7.5Kg8.3Kg7.0kg8.5kg
Dimension (approximate)mmL235*W155*H160L350*W210*125L350*W210*125L235*W155*H160L370*W140*H95
Charge Temperature0~+50℃0~+50℃0~+50℃0~+50℃
StorageTemperature(Less than 1 month)0~+45℃0~+45℃0~+45℃0~+45℃
Operating humidity5% to 80%,non-condensing5% to 80%,non-condensing5% to 80%,non-condensing5% to 80%,non-condensing
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Electric Bikes Battery Super Long Mileage
Electric Bikes Battery Super Long Mileage

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Product Application

Electric Bike/Bicycle/Motorcycle / Scooter /Wheelchair/Automobile / Golf Cart /tricycle /tricar/ three-wheeler/ three-wheel cart/ trishaw

Solar Storage/Wind Storage

UPS Storage

Medical equipment Back-up or EPS Emergency Power Supply

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