Lithium Series Rechargeable Battery BN4815LY

Lithium  Series  Rechargeable Battery BN4815LY
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Basic Info

Model NO.: BN4815LY

Type: Battery

Usage:UPS, Electric Power, Lighting, Railway

Nominal Voltage:48V

Discharge Rate:Ultrahigh Discharge Rate

Shape:Square Battery






1.Modularized design and pefectly compatible to existing electric bicycles

2.Green " and environment-friendly, no pollution to the environment during production and normal usage

3.Stable structure and simplified production process enables mass production and easy maintenance

4.Completely new protection design of water-proof, fire-proof, shock-resistance enable high safety

5.Professional protection module and BMS ensures the battery pack to be protected perfectly

6.High weight and measurement specific energy ensures the battery pack extremely long-voyage ability

7.Super long life supported by innovative technologies, high quality material and strict manufacturing control


Battery Model No.:BN4815LY

Material:MnNiCo Ternary Material + LiMn2O4

Nominal Voltage (V):48V
Nominal Capacity (C2, 25):15Ah
Battery Pack Dimension (mm):275mm X 150mm X 80mm (L X W X H)
Nominal Weight (Kg):4.5Kgs ± 0.1

Charge Limited Voltage (V): 54.6V

Continuous Charge Current (A):3A

Maximum Charge Current (A):7.5A
Charging Mode (Constant Current/Constant Voltage):3A X 6.5h

Discharge Cut-off Voltage (V):39V

Continuous Discharge Current (A):15A

Maximum Continuous Discharge Current (A):≤ 18A

Cycle Life at 100% D.O.D.:800 Cycles

Charge Port / Discharge Port:Banana Plug / Banana Plug

Capacity Retention Rate at 0℃:90%

Self-Discharge Rate (25):3% per month

Battery Pack Operation Instruction:

1) After fully charging of the battery pack, the battery pack shall be installed in the frame of the electric bike.

2) The position of "+/-" polarity of the discharge terminal port at each electric bicycle is different, so please check and confirm the position of the polarity before connecting the battery pack to the electric bicycle.

3) Turn on the battery power lock (turn your Key to "On" position). Check if the bicycle's power indicator is normal, if it is normal, run it normally. If there is anything abnormal, please contact your electric bicycle dealer for technical resolution.

4) Lithium Ion battery is environment-friendly and smart battery, and there is no "Memory Effect". So lithium ion
battery can be recharged at any SOC (stage of charge) without any damages to the battery. During the charging,
plug-in the charger's charging port to the battery pack's charging port, and charging can be stopped when the
charger indicator turns to green.

5) The optimum charging method of lithium ion battery is to recharge the battery pack at the time when the battery
pack's capacity has not yet been discharged fully. In case the battery pack's capacity has been discharged 100%, the battery pack must be recharged within 48 hours, or else the battery pack may be permanently damaged because BMS system also comsumes electricity from battery pack which cause serious overdischarge to the battery pack.

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