Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery

The design principle of the valve-regulated lead-acid battery is to inject the required amount of electrolyte into the electrode plate and the separator. There is no free electrolyte. The negative electrode plate is moist to improve the ability to absorb oxygen. To prevent the electrolyte from being reduced, the battery is sealed. Therefore, valve-regulated lead-acid batteries are also called "poor liquid batteries".

Product Features

1. Long life.

2. The self-discharge rate is extremely low.

3. Sufficient capacity.

4. Wide operating temperature range.

5. Good sealing performance.

6. Good conductivity.

7. Strong charge acceptance.

8. Safe and reliable explosion-proof exhaust system


Valve-regulated lead-acid batteries are divided into three categories, namely large, neutral and small. The monomer is large in 200Ah and above, medium in size from 20 to 200Ah, and small in size below 20Ah.

S/NModelNominal Voltage   (V)Nominal capacity (Ah)  Dimension (mm)Weight (Kg)

Valve Regulated Lead Acid Storage Battery

Paper carton for per bank battery, Then stripped with  plstic pallet.

7-10 Days

Valve Regulated Lead Acid Storage Battery

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6-DZM-20 12V20A@2HR CHILWEE VRLA Battery


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Valve Regulated Lead Acid Storage Battery

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Valve Regulated Lead Acid Storage Battery

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