A New Round Of Fire War Start? The World's Second Largest Power Battery Market Is Going To Start.

A New Round Of Fire War Start? The World's Second Largest Power Battery Market Is Going To Start.

Date:Feb 22, 2019

New energy electric vehicles originated in Europe, but they have achieved rapid development with the support of the Chinese government. Nowadays, with the increasingly stringent regulations on energy conservation and emission reduction and improvement of the ecological environment in the world, and the accelerated electrification of the automotive industry, the wave of new energy automobile industry around the world is surging. European auto giants, which dominate the global auto industry, are also actively developing and advancing auto electrification strategies. For example, Volkswagen Group plans to invest more than 20 billion euros (about 24 billion U.S. dollars) in zero-emission vehicles by 2030, and in 2025 Formerly, the annual production capacity of electric vehicles reached 3 million; Daimler plans to have more than 130 electric models in its Mercedes-Benz brand by 2022; BMW also plans to develop 25 electric models by 2025, of which pure More than 12 electric models.


The demand for power batteries in the “new energy vehicle strategy” of the traditional European car giants is also considerable. For example, the Volkswagen Group plans to purchase a power battery worth 50 billion euros (about 56.69 billion US dollars) by 2025. Daimler also It plans to purchase 20 billion euros (about 22.68 billion US dollars) of power batteries in the next 10 years. As more European car giants join the field of electrification, the future of the European power battery market is also extremely broad. In the face of this tempting emerging market, the global power battery giants have also opened a new round of "killing" outside the Chinese market.

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