A Super-Wei Battery Won The Oscar Award

A Super-Wei Battery Won The Oscar Award

Date:Apr 15, 2017

A super-Wei battery, won the Oscar award

As we all know, the sustainable development of new energy is the direction of the global energy 

industry development, green environmental protection has become a new energy "pointing". As early 

as last year, "two sessions" period, pointed out that the development of new energy and circular 

economy, is now strongly advocated by China, can alleviate the country's sustainable development 

of the environment, resources and other pressures.

Last month, the highest award of China's industrial sector approved by the State Council - the 4th 

China Industrial Awards, the "Oscar" known as China's industry, was held at the Great Hall of the 

People in Beijing. At the awards ceremony, Of the "cadmium-free lead-acid battery into the multi-

stage chemical process project" in one fell swoop won the "China Industrial Awards Award" to 

become the only selection of the award of the battery business.

It is understood that the current industrial awards only 40 enterprises nationwide, 33 projects 

were nominated by the well-known experts and scholars of the country, the participating technology

 on behalf of China's industrialization direction, road and spirit, on behalf of the highest level

 of industrial development. After a rigorous standard screening, the ultra-Wei Group battery won 

the award.

Over the past three years, over the prestige of the industry ranked first in the top 50 Chinese 

enterprises and China's top 100 manufacturing enterprises list, highlighting the leading position 

in the battery industry. Recently, the group also shortlisted "China's top 500 private 

enterprises," No. 31, "China's private enterprises manufacturing industry 500" 18th and 2016 

Zhejiang 500 National 10th, continue to lead the battery industry.

According to reports, access to the award of "cadmium-free lead-acid battery into the multi-stage 

into the process of the project" is the super-Wei Group lasted 6 years cost of 300 million yuan to

 complete the leading scientific and technological innovation. The technology after the 

application of a significant reduction in the production of energy consumption and lead-free lead-

acid production, to achieve energy-saving 28.5%, saving 90% of the target.

In addition, the ultra-Granville Group actively promote scientific and technological innovation 

and industrial upgrading, to lead the industry to technological development. Successively in the 

industry to take the lead in the development of atomic economy lead cycle technology, environmental protection and energy saving cadmium into the production process, a new type of 

smart batteries, long life electric vehicles with lithium batteries and a large number of results.

 "A three-dimensional bipolar high-power lead-acid battery" patented technology won the 

seventeenth China Patent Gold Award. Up to now, the Group has undertaken all kinds of national and 

provincial projects more than 90, won the provincial and ministerial level science and technology 

awards 7, of which China Patent Award 1, the Chinese Patent Excellence Award 5, has accumulated 

1229 patents, which invented Patent 223, etc., to participate in the development of the national

 industry and the national standard a total of 47 (including ICE international standard 2), 

innovation achievements, to achieve technological innovation to lead the development of the 

industry goals for the development of the industry made an important contribution.

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