Advantages Of Spiral Wound Battery

Advantages Of Spiral Wound Battery

Date:Jun 29, 2019

Working temperature: -55 degrees to 80 degrees

1. The vehicle can be started normally at a low temperature of -55 °C. The 80-degree high temperature battery does not bulge and does not deform.

2. The maximum starting current of 30 is 3 times that of the ordinary battery, and the 5AH winding battery can start the 3.0-displacement trolley.

3. The number of starts is 1,200-16,000 times, which is three times that of ordinary batteries, and the starting time is 0.6 seconds.

4. The battery can be charged with more than 95% of electricity in 40 minutes, and the current output is stable, which effectively extends the life of the engine and the vehicle.

5. There is no flowing liquid inside the battery. Even if the outer casing is damaged, it will not leak. It can be placed in any direction, and it is maintenance-free for life.

6. It can withstand at least 4G (33HZ) vibration for 12 hours, completely avoiding battery failure caused by vibration.

7. It has an extremely long service life, design life of up to 8 years, monthly self-discharge rate of only 3%, can still start the vehicle after one year of placement.

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