Batteries Maintenance

Batteries Maintenance

Date:Nov 16, 2018

Electric bicycles and electric motorcycles have become important means of transportation for large, medium and small cities, and are generally accepted by people. Since electric vehicles are generally more expensive than conventional bicycles, the service life has become a major concern. In fact, the battery is one of the core components of the electric bicycle, and the service life of the battery largely determines the service life of the electric vehicle. Therefore, strengthening the maintenance of the battery will extend the service life of the battery. It is understood that the batteries used in electric vehicles are lead-acid batteries. For the maintenance of lead-acid batteries, a series of suggestions are given below, including a total of eight small defects.


Lead-acid batteries have no memory. The reason why the capacity is rapidly reduced is mainly due to some reasons such as battery vulcanization and "water loss" and "debt loss". The battery is most afraid of "depletion" undervoltage, and the battery is often "depleted". The board is extremely vulnerable. In reality, up to 70% of the electric vehicle battery capacity is reduced by the strong current (starting current) when the electrode plate is discharged (especially for electric motorcycles), and the electrode plate strain is a physical damage of the battery. The damage cannot be repaired. Therefore, "every day with the car, every day charging", to ensure that the battery has sufficient voltage at any time becomes inevitable.

Regularly replenish distilled water

Users generally believe that maintenance-free batteries do not need to add water, in fact, this statement is wrong. Maintenance-free batteries generate heat during charging and high-current discharge. If there is heat, water will evaporate. Although the process of water evaporation is very slow, the amount of accumulated water evaporation cannot be ignored for a long time. Therefore, the battery should be replenished once every 6 months or so, so that the service life of the battery will be prolonged.

Electric car start

The starting current of the electric vehicle is very large, especially the electric motor of the high-power motor, and the starting current is larger. The high current is very harmful to the battery plate. The best way is to start the electric car before riding, just like riding a bicycle.

Battery discharge

After the battery is used for a period of time, some active substances will inevitably sink. If the active substances are not activated in time, it will inevitably have some impact on the capacity of the battery. Therefore, when using the electric vehicle frequently, it is necessary to make the battery every season. Depth discharge once.


The charging process of the new battery is generally 6-8 hours. When the battery is fully charged, the charger will light green. If the charging time is too long, check if the charger voltage protection device is damaged. If it is damaged, you need to change the charger in time. Otherwise it is easy to charge the battery. In addition, the charger should not buy a fast charger, and fast charging also has damage to the battery plate.

Not used for a long time

The purpose of this is to prevent the battery from being placed for too long and causing the battery to vulcanize and "deplete".

Prevent battery explosion

Explosive exposure will increase the battery temperature and greatly shorten the battery life.

Battery protector

The battery protector is also a pulse generator. The pulse is uninterrupted to eliminate the vulcanization of the battery, so that the plate is always kept "clean", thereby achieving the effect of prolonging the service life of the battery, but it has little effect on the damage of the battery plate by the large current.


If the battery is not cleaned in time, it will easily affect the battery life and power supply. Simply put, a battery is an electrochemical device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. Keeping the battery working properly, battery cleaning is essential. The oxidation reaction between the pole and the chuck of the battery is easy to occur, and the metal parts of the chuck portion can be severely rotted.

Ordinary lead-acid batteries, pay special attention to the usual cleaning work. Pay attention to check whether the pole and the chuck are tightly connected, if there is any corrosion and burning, and if the vent hole is blocked or not, and if the electrolyte is reduced, if it is found, it should be disposed of in time. When starting the car, the start time should not exceed 3 to 5 seconds, and the restart interval should be no less than 10 seconds. If the car is not used for a long time, the car should be fully charged. At the same time, the car will be launched once every other month and keep running at a medium speed for about 20 minutes. Otherwise, the placement time is too long and it will be difficult to start. General maintenance-free batteries should also be checked frequently, and problems should be replaced in time.

Maintenance-free batteries are now available in most cars. These batteries do not require the addition of distilled water during use. The terminals do not corrode, have less self-discharge and have a long life. However, if it is not checked in time, the battery owner is still unclear during the retirement period, which will also affect the normal operation of the car.

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