Battery Expansion Problem With MacBook Pro Notebook

Battery Expansion Problem With MacBook Pro Notebook

Date:Sep 25, 2019

Beijing time on April 21 morning news, this Friday, Apple began to replace some of the MacBookPro notebook battery, the model covers 13-inch no TouchBar version. Previously, users reported that the device had battery expansion problems.

According to documents provided by Apple, the replacement project covers 13-inch MacBookPro without TouchBar version, which are affected by battery manufacturing defects. Apple promises to replace the battery for the user.

The affected MacBookPro was produced between October 2016 and October 2017, and Apple did not explain the details of the problem. There are many manufacturers that rely on lithium-ion battery technology, and battery expansion is nothing new.

The battery replacement service is valid for 5 years after the sale of MacBookPro, which means that the replacement project lasted until 2022. Apple also said that the hardware warranty will not be affected by the new policy.

Some MacBook users have reported similar problems in the Apple SupportCommunities forum, and others have reported problems with the 17-inch MacBook Pro sold in 2009.

If users believe that their 13-inch MacBookPro is affected, they can go to Apple's official website to see if they are eligible for replacement. Enter the serial number to know the result. If you are eligible, you can take your notebook to an Apple Authorized Service Provider or an Apple Store. Users can also mail the notebook to an Apple repair center.

If the user has already paid for the replacement of the battery and the notebook is eligible for replacement, you can contact Apple Customer Service for compensation.

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