Battery Maintenance And Repair Ten Questions And Ten Answers

Battery Maintenance And Repair Ten Questions And Ten Answers

Date:Nov 13, 2018

1. How to treat the battery when the electric car is parked for a long time?

Very simple, in order to protect the battery, we can store it fully charged, and charge it at least once every other month, which can effectively solve the irreversible salinization and short-circuiting of the crystal in the battery.

2. Is it necessary to empty the battery before charging?

Just like the current mobile phone, there is no need to completely empty the battery of the electric car, and then you can charge it at any time.

3. Does the battery need to be recharged for the first time?

This is necessary. When the battery is shipped from the factory, it usually takes about 2 months, or even longer, it will naturally consume a part of the power. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out supplementary charging, so as to avoid misunderstanding that the battery capacity does not meet the power indicated in the manual.

4. Is it harmful to the battery if it is overcharged or undercharged?

Yes, not only has it, but also a great hazard! Overcharge exceeds the rated current of the battery. The most direct effect is that the battery temperature rises, causing a large amount of water loss for a long time, and there may even be a deformation fault. If the charge is insufficient, the hazard is that in the long run, the capacity will become smaller again and again, which gives us the feeling that the battery is becoming more and more disabled.

5. The battery is often charged and vented, which is more beneficial to the battery?

Both of them are not good for the battery. The battery is often charged. If you encounter a good battery with high quality, it is okay. The charging service helps to protect the battery life. However, for the battery that is circulating in the market, in addition to the brand of Tianneng battery, the failure rate is low and the quality is low. In addition to stability, most of them have different problems. Charging and over-the-counter damages the fundamentals and affects battery life. If the battery is vented and recharged, it is not good. Because the battery is loaded for a long time, it is easy to cause damage to the battery.

6. Is voltage directly related to capacity?

There is no voltage! The voltage is the voltage. The power is the power. It cannot be said that the voltage is high and the capacity is low. The low voltage is low. However, under load, the battery voltage is related to the battery power, and it can even be said to be proportional.

7. What are the hazards of excessive battery use?

If the electric vehicle battery is overused, it will cause excessive heat generation of the battery, which will cause the reduction of sulfuric acid in the battery. The concentration reduction will cause a special substance to be formed, and it is easy to form a coarse and hard crystal on the electrode plate. It will cause the battery to accept power and reduce the battery's ability to use.

8. Is the rated capacity of the battery related to the life?

Have. Battery capacity is affected by active substances and utilization. The electric bicycle battery has a certain size and the quality of the plate has been limited to a certain extent. Only by increasing the utilization rate of the active material can the capacity be increased. To increase the battery capacity, it is necessary to increase the porosity and increase the PbO2 content and the specific gravity of sulfuric acid. However, these measures will accelerate the softening of the positive electrode plate, causing the battery life to accelerate and decay. During the charging and discharging process, the active material will expand and contract (especially the positive electrode plate). The deeper the depth of discharge, the greater the amount of expansion and contraction of the active material, and the faster the softening of the active material. Therefore, when the initial capacity is too large, it directly affects the number of times the battery is charged and discharged.

9. Under what circumstances, we need to maintain and charge the battery? What else should we pay attention to?

When these conditions occur: 1. The battery capacity becomes too small; 2. The battery is damaged and damaged; 3. After the battery loses fluid, after rehydration; 4. The battery is not used for a long time; 5. Excessive use of the battery; 6. Battery length Time is in a bad environment; 7. Long-term maintenance of insufficient charging, it is necessary to maintain and charge the battery. The precaution is to charge the original charger voltage, and there is a multi-stage constant current charging.

10. Is battery performance related to temperature?

The temperature is high, the charging acceptance is good, and it is easy to charge the battery; if the temperature is low, it is difficult to charge the battery. Therefore, in daily use, we must pay attention to the fact that the charger and the battery temperature change too fast, which directly causes the battery. The charging performance sometimes causes damage to the battery.


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