BYD Modular Energy Storage System Unveiled At The US Energy Storage Expo

BYD Modular Energy Storage System Unveiled At The US Energy Storage Expo

Date:Oct 15, 2019

From April 16th to 18th, 2019, the 29th Annual Energy Conference & Expo (Energy Storage Association 29th Annual Conference & Expo) hosted by the American Energy Storage Association (ESA) was held at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. At this exhibition, the BYD team unveiled energy storage products and lithium battery energy storage solutions and highlighted the latest modular energy storage system (BYDModularOutdoorESS).

BYD modular energy storage system

This modular energy storage system utilizes an advanced thermal control system, intelligent battery management system and modular integrated design to make the product have standardized production, flexible installation, convenient maintenance, and unified software/hardware upgrade and maintenance. The product can be widely adapted to utility-grade and industrial-grade energy storage applications and can meet the power system requirements for special load power supply.

BYD's modular energy storage system was successfully nominated for the 2018 EES International Power Storage Awards. Relying on the intelligent integrated software system, it can maximize the economic benefits and environmental benefits of clean energy. In March 2019, BYD signed a 100MWh commercial framework agreement with Mexican energy developer Pireos. The two parties plan to complete more than half of the contracted installed capacity within 12 months. Currently, the project is already in contact with major new energy engineering installers. In the process of contact. At present, the US energy storage market is still growing. According to the newly released "2018 US Energy Storage Market Review" by WoodMackenzie Power and Renewable Energy Division and the American Energy Storage Association, the US-installed energy capacity is 777MWh in 2018. Increased by 80% year-on-year. Among them, the power generation side and the user side energy storage have achieved strong growth. The large user side projects in Hawaii and Texas are the main thrusts, and BYD North has targeted the US new energy field.

In addition to the US market, the BYD energy storage system has appeared internationally in 2019.

On February 27th, BYD modular outdoor energy storage system participated in Japan International Intelligent Energy Week and the 12th Japan Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition (PVEXPO). The products continued to use lithium iron phosphate battery, special public-grade air conditioning thermal control system, Standardized production, flexible installation, easy maintenance, soft/hardware upgrade and unified maintenance, suitable for public-grade and industrial-grade energy storage applications. In March, the UK's authoritative clean energy equipment testing organization ITPRenewables announced the durability test results of nine small domestic and commercial battery energy storage devices of the world's mainstream brands. BYD's Battery-Box household energy storage system was the best in the test. . The system has a capacity reduction of only 25% during the estimated 10 years of use, far less than other brands. At present, BYD Battery-Box household energy storage products have already landed in developed countries such as the United States, Germany, and Australia.

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