Chaowei Battery Evolution Surpasses, Black Gold Upgrades Last Longer

Chaowei Battery Evolution Surpasses, Black Gold Upgrades Last Longer

Date:Apr 04, 2019

With the release of the new national standard battery

The entire battery industry faces challenges

Light weight and increased energy density are also more urgent

Chaowei battery, which has always been known as "technology leader"

Is also constantly increasing the intensity of technological innovation

Product internal structure and material formulation are constantly upgraded


2016 Super Wei black gold battery was born

First to use new nanomaterial graphene in lead-acid batteries

Make the Super Wei black gold battery different

Become the world's first graphene lead-acid battery

2017 technology super power continuous research and development

Super Wei black gold upgraded version of the battery grand debut

The core technology of graphene alloy has been improved and upgraded

The technology super-wei research and development team created the "constant electric column" structure

Reduce battery internal resistance by 52% and increase output power

Longer driving mileage

Chaowei black gold battery since its launch

It has been well received by users!

In 2018, Chaowei Black Gold "Upgrade +" battery has been polished

Already completed

Appear in the higher eye before the public

Chaowei black gold "upgrade +" battery

New technology, innovation and upgrade!

More than a little longer!

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