Chaowei Power's 2019 Annual Results Hit Another Record

Chaowei Power's 2019 Annual Results Hit Another Record

Date:May 09, 2020

On March 30, Chaowei Power (00951.HK), one of the leaders in China's power battery industry, released its annual results. In 2019, the company achieved revenue of RMB 27.182 billion and gross profit of RMB 3.393 billion, an increase of 4.9% from last year. The profit attributable to company owners was RMB 561 million, an increase of 36% compared to last year.

Steady growth in main business

As one of the leaders in the power battery industry, Chaowei has been committed to improving the quality and production technology of lead-lithium battery products, and constantly increasing the competitiveness of products. In 2019, the sales revenue of lead-acid power batteries continued to increase, about RMB 24.876 billion.

The company focuses on industry technical bottlenecks and pain points, relying on domestic and foreign industry-leading R & D institutions and talent teams to accelerate the development and application of new materials such as graphene and foamed carbon. Through the intelligent factory informatization and the design and application of automation equipment, the company has become a multiple The pioneer in the field has consolidated the group's industry competitiveness.

Breakthrough in technological innovation

In recent years, Chaowei has regarded technological innovation as an important magic weapon for survival and development, insisting on focusing on the main business, insisting on innovation-driven, insisting on industrial integration, accelerating the pace of internationalization, and increasing the introduction of new technologies, new materials, and new products. R & D has brought together a group of high-end talents and cutting-edge technologies, mastered the right to speak of industry technology, seized the commanding heights of high-quality development, and walked out of a kangzhuang avenue that combines technology, green and quality.

Green development is consistent

Chaowei has never forgotten the original intention of starting a business. It has always taken a step forward in promoting the green development of the industry. Taking green as the fundamental background for high-quality development of enterprises, it is determined that the green, low-carbon and circular ecological development road will not be removed. The concept of "innovation, integration, green, openness, and sharing" runs through the entire product life cycle. It is driven by ideas and technology, constantly consolidates the "bottom line" thinking, and continuously increases investment in research and development of science and technology, relying on Internet +, big data, artificial intelligence. New technologies, such as continuous technological innovation, promoted green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, and successfully created a "super power mode" of green development. Up to now, Chaowei has 9 factories selected as green factories, 2 factories selected as green supply chain, 14 products selected as green design products, and the total number of national green manufacturing system construction demonstration projects is leading in the industry.

The company has also led the establishment of the National Environmental Protection Lead Acid Battery Production and Recovery and Regeneration Pollution Prevention Engineering Technology Center, the China Battery Industry Green Cycle Development Alliance, and the country ’s first special fund for battery pollution prevention and rescue, etc., to promote industry technology progress and promote industry cooperation Exchanges have made positive contributions to guiding the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

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