Chaowei's New Generation Of JinChilwee 14Ah / 23Ah Batteries Is Launched

Chaowei's New Generation Of JinChilwee 14Ah / 23Ah Batteries Is Launched

Date:Apr 28, 2020

As the high-end battery brand of Chaowei Group, JinChilwee has been trusted by consumers for its high quality and stable performance. Nowadays, electric vehicles are becoming more and more widely used. People continue to put forward new and higher requirements for the performance of electric vehicle batteries. This also prompts us to keep pace with the times and technological innovation, and be at the forefront of the industry.

This time the brand-new JinChilwee 14Ah / 23Ah battery has achieved qualitative breakthroughs in many aspects, and also provided a stronger guarantee for people's travel, and better meets market demand and consumers' riding experience.

Compared with the previous products, the JinChilwee 14Ah / 23Ah battery released this time has improved and upgraded the polar plate formula and the core technology of lanthanum power technology, so as to achieve a higher quality in the same volume battery. Larger capacity, longer life, longer distance, and greater stability. Solve the pain points of users, provide them with a battery that runs farther and uses longer, so that customers can use it more assured.

Technological innovation also lies in leading the direction of R & D. Chilwee Battery's product research is being carried out in a tightly-packed manner, which can be described as a precaution.

I believe everyone will praise the excellent performance of the product after using the new super battery. Chaowei Battery will take the needs of customers as the mission and the value of the product as the goal, advocate orderly competition in the industry, and truly benefit the consumers.

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