CHILWEE Battery Scrapes Up Black Gold Storm And Continues To Lead The Industry

CHILWEE Battery Scrapes Up Black Gold Storm And Continues To Lead The Industry

Date:Sep 29, 2019

Since its launch, CHILWEE Black Gold Battery has immediately led the “black gold storm” of the battery industry and has received extensive attention from the market and consumers. According to the analysis of the domestic electric vehicle battery market research report, the performance of all aspects of black gold battery does have obvious advantages compared with ordinary batteries, and the reason is inseparable from the black gold technology used. Black gold technology refers to graphene alloy technology. Graphene is a two-dimensional nano-material composed of carbon atoms and has a single-layer sheet structure (thickness is only a few nanometers). Due to its unique two-dimensional honeycomb crystal structure and extremely high bond strength, graphene is currently the world's highest strength and hardest nanomaterial with a breaking strength of up to 130 GPa. In addition, graphene is also the world's highest conductivity material (resistivity is only about 10-8 Ω·m), about 100 times that of copper, and is called the “king of new materials”. Graphene and its related application technologies have been the focus of continuous global attention. How to uniformly disperse graphene nanosheets into a metal matrix to form a good contact interface between graphene and metal without destroying the microstructure of graphene The key problem in the middle. Generally, metal-based composite materials are made of a ceramic phase including particles, whiskers, fibers, etc., and uniform graphite-based nano-sized reinforcement particles are introduced into the metal basic body, and the obtained metal composite material can often be more desirable. Mechanical properties, thermal properties and electrical properties. Therefore, black gold technology has been favored and researched by countless enterprises. In order to apply this ultra-high performance graphene alloy technology to electric vehicle batteries, Chaowei Enterprise has been in-depth research for three years. Finally, in February 2016, it was the first to introduce the first generation of graphene technology products in the industry - Chaowei Black Gold high-energy battery, the world's first discovery of the graphene crystal structure of the "father of graphene" Professor Andre Heim Chaowei Group has given a very high positive opinion in the research results in the field of graphene.

However, CHILWEE Group did not stop its progress. Through a large amount of feedback data, it conducted more in-depth research on graphene batteries, and made another breakthrough progress, and developed an upgraded version of Chaowei Black Gold battery. Compared with the first generation of black gold batteries, it has greatly improved its performance in terms of battery life and stability. It has been recognized by the industry, terminals and consumers once it was published. The fundamental ultra-power battery black gold technology fundamentally solves the real needs of consumers, and the endurance, power output and mission of use are greatly enhanced. CHILWEE Group has always adhered to technological innovation and the spirit of scientific research that is constantly being explored in the field of graphene technology and is creating a myth of one after another in the electric vehicle battery industry.

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