Chilwee Releases High End Sodium Nickel Chloride Battery Project

Chilwee Releases High End Sodium Nickel Chloride Battery Project

Date:Jul 30, 2020

On July 15, the city promotion conference of "seeing beautiful China in Huzhou" was held in Shanghai International Convention Center. Zhou Mingming, chairman of Chaowei group, was invited to attend the meeting and pressed the "start button" for the group's project "research and development and industrialization of sodium ion superconductor new material battery system for next generation base station", and "unveils the leader" to the world.

With the development of Yangtze River Delta integration becoming a national strategy, Huzhou, which is located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta, has further highlighted its regional strategic position. At the "unveiling and leading" ceremony of the conference, chairman Zhou Mingming, as a representative of local well-known leading entrepreneurs, pushed the start button together with other 9 Huzhou well-known entrepreneurs for his high-end product sodium salt battery project. He released the key core technology requirements of Chaowei and searched for top talents and leading talents worldwide.

In recent years, with "scientific and technological innovation and leading technology" as the core driving force for continuous progress and development, Chilwee group attaches great importance to scientific and technological talents, cooperates with experts and professors of world-famous universities, and cooperates with excellent enterprises with advanced technology in the world. It has successively established 19 R & D centers in the whole world, which not only enhances its own technical reserves, but also leads and drives them High quality development of China's new energy industry.

In the future, Chilwee group will continue to play the role of a leading enterprise, firmly rely on scientific and technological innovation, lead the industry to take the "broad road" of innovative development and green and high-quality development, and contribute to the local economic development and the continuous polishing of the golden card of "seeing beautiful China in Huzhou".

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