China, Japan And Korea Power Battery Grabbing War Has Been Opened

China, Japan And Korea Power Battery Grabbing War Has Been Opened

Date:Oct 23, 2019

From the perspective of mass, whether it is Matsushita of Japan, Samsung, LG or SK of South Korea, and Ningde era of China, the future cannot meet the huge market demand. With the investment of Japanese and Korean battery companies in the Chinese market, the future of the power battery industry in Ningde era will no longer exist. The contest between several giants will start quietly this year, and more behind this competition. It is the competition of technical strength.

From the scale of the company, production, sales and market capitalization, China's Ningde era has been comparable to Japan's Panasonic, South Korea's LG, Samsung, and even more than competitors. Therefore, in the case of a small difference in corporate strength, technology will become the focus of competition in a market-oriented competitive environment.

The level of power battery technology is intuitively reflected in the new energy vehicle as the length of the cruising range. At present, China's new energy vehicle market has a range of 150-199km, more than half of the total, and only 10 models have a cruising range of more than 400km.

According to Samsung's latest technology demonstrated at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, it can reach 600-700 kilometers when installing 20 battery modules, and 300 kilometers when installing 10 to 12 battery modules. South Korea's SKI began mass production of NCM811 batteries last year, the cruising range can reach 500km, the new battery developed in 2020 is expected to reach 700km. China's Ningde era is developing new products with an energy density of 300Wh/Kg, and the expected cruising range will exceed 600 kilometers.

Driven by the new energy automobile industry, battery companies are also constantly improving the technology research and development of power batteries. In terms of technology research and development, Chinese battery companies have become comparable to Japanese and Korean companies through the development in recent years. However, Chen Quanshi, a professor of automotive engineering at Tsinghua University and director of the electric vehicle research department, said: "In the technology research and development, the Ningde era is no weaker than Japanese and Korean companies, but there are still Japanese and Korean battery companies in terms of process precision and production consistency. gap."

It is undeniable that under the protection of policies, China's power battery industry has made significant progress in terms of scale and technology, narrowing the gap with the international battery technology level. On the occasion of the retreat of new energy vehicle subsidy policy, China's power battery companies will regain their competition with international battery companies. The Chinese power battery industry will not change the road for China's auto industry. "Providing a strong "Chinese core"?

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