Electric Car Batteries Are Not Durable In Winter?

Electric Car Batteries Are Not Durable In Winter?

Date:Jan 14, 2020

With the continuous development of society and economy, China's transportation is becoming more and more diversified. The status of electric vehicles in China is not bad than cars, and many places have introduced policies that want to bring the case to standardize the management of electric vehicles.

Most cars today are fuel-driven, while electric cars are powered by electricity. In winter, electric vehicle batteries generally become non-durable. How to solve this problem has become a concern for many car owners.

The reason why electric vehicles are not durable, in addition to the cold weather, may be that the battery itself has been used for a long time. At this time, the battery will naturally lose power. When the temperature is low, it is difficult to fully charge the battery, and many of them are virtual power. Often, it ’s a short time when I run out of power and find that the battery is so bad that it will take a bit longer when a block of electricity is used.

In order to solve the problem of electric vehicle power loss in the winter, it is necessary to ensure that the battery power is continuously maintained at about 25%. If it is lower than this number, the electric vehicle battery will be gradually damaged, which will also cause the battery life to decrease.

Secondly, when charging, it must be as full as possible. Don't just charge it and then go away riding the electric car. This behavior is the most harmful to the battery.

If the outdoor temperature is too low, we can charge the electric car in a warmer environment. Not only does it charge fast, it can also be fully charged, which is better for protecting the battery. If it still does not work, we can remove the battery and inject some repair fluid into it, so that the battery life will be restored as before. But before using this method, make sure that the electrolyte inside the car is missing.

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