Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle "temper," You Know What?

Date:Apr 20, 2016

First choice when electric cars, you should choose quality assured "reliable" brand. Renmin an electric store boss told reporters that the blind pursuit of low-cost kitchen manufacturers, sloppy, no strict quality management system, product quality are not stable, there are many security risks.
Second, check replace, pay attention to maintenance on a regular basis. Renmin brand electric vehicle service center maintenance staff told reporters that the normal service life of the battery is usually two or three years. "Amortization period should be to fully charge a battery life can only reach the national mileage (25-kilometer) half of the evaluation. If charged a mileage less than 13 km, then, even if the life of the battery is dead, you should replace the new battery, grasp can repair shops testing is not allowed. ”

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