European Localized Battery Company

European Localized Battery Company

Date:Feb 22, 2019

Although Europe has an absolute advantage in the traditional internal combustion engine sector and holds the core technology of all key components, the power battery needed to produce new energy vehicles is dominated by Asian manufacturers. In order to get rid of the dependence on Asian power battery manufacturers, the development of power battery companies supporting Europe's localization has changed from the previous voice to the actual action.


German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said in November 2018 that the German government plans to invest 1 billion euros (about 1.13 billion US dollars) to support German power battery production by 2021. Germany aims to increase battery production in Germany and throughout Europe to 30% of global production by 2030.


French government officials also said that the country will invest 700 million euros (about 790 million US dollars) in the next five years to support the European electric vehicle battery industry and reduce the dependence of European automakers on Asian competitors.


Sweden's Northvolt and Siemens, ABB Group and Scania jointly invested 4 billion euros (about 4.53 billion US dollars) to build a power battery factory, plans to reach 32GWh of power battery capacity by 2023; German consortium Frankfurt TerraE Holdings Seventeen companies and research institutes have formed an alliance to build two power battery plants. The two plants are expected to have an annual production capacity of 34 GWh by 2028; Swiss Blackstone said it will invest 200 million euros (about 230 million US dollars). Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany, builds a large-scale power battery plant. After the first phase of the project, it can meet the battery demand of 100,000 new energy electric vehicles every year. The capacity expansion in subsequent stages will be based on market demand. Adjustment.


In addition, Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen and other car companies are also interested in developing their power battery business. Considering that Asian battery manufacturers have achieved great competitive advantages in the cost and technology of current mainstream ternary lithium batteries, they plan to directly Investing in companies that are investigating the next generation of power battery technology, such as solid-state battery technology, to achieve another form of "curve overtaking."


At this stage, China is still the world's largest new energy vehicle market, and the main battlefield of global power batteries. With the rapid rise of the European new energy vehicle market, Europe, which includes the world's major car giants, will undoubtedly attract Asia and The fierce battle of local power battery companies. It is worth noting that, unlike the Chinese market, European car companies that do not have “real money and silver” subsidies will be more versatile in terms of product quality, cost, technology and after-sales. In the end, which companies truly have a world-class level.

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