Extraordinary News! Chaowei Battery Was Invited To The Times Square In New York, USA

Extraordinary News! Chaowei Battery Was Invited To The Times Square In New York, USA

Date:Apr 02, 2019

This time, Chaowei Group shines in Times Square in New York, which not only attracts the attention of media from domestic and foreign media, but also attracts strong attention from domestic and foreign capital markets. As a leader in the power battery industry, Chaowei Group once again stands on the world. The stage, let the world see "technology super power, technology leading"!


New York Times Square is one of the world's largest business districts, and is known as the “world crossroads”. It is the top show for outstanding brands in all fields of the world. Reuters big screen is one of the most popular LED screens in the world's top brands; Nasdaq's large screen is as high as 36.6 meters, known as the "world's largest screen."

Chaowei Group unveiled at Times Square in New York and successfully boarded the Nasdaq and Reuters big screens, demonstrating to the world the superior technical strength and excellent service, which not only made Chaowei show off in the international arena, but also let The world has seen a good product made in China!

Over the years, Chaowei Group has been committed to technological innovation. Through Chaowei Green Energy Industry + Internet Technology, we strive to improve the existing energy industry model and comprehensively increase the proportion of new energy. The Group developed and produced Chaowei Black Gold “Upgrade+” in 2018, using graphene long-lasting technology to take the lead in realizing the lightweight and high energy of lead-acid batteries, in line with the new national standard of “Valve-Controlled Lead-Acid Battery for Electric Bicycles”, once again leading Industry, to the world to interpret technology superpower!

In the next three to five years, Chaowei Group will continue to increase the pace of technology and innovation, integrate the global new energy industry's advantageous resources, and create a new super-powered brand marked by “new technologies, new materials and new products”, transforming into the world's most Advanced energy manufacturers, operators and service providers.

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