How Should The Lead-acid Battery Of An Electric Car Be Used?

How Should The Lead-acid Battery Of An Electric Car Be Used?

Date:Feb 10, 2019

Pay attention to two points, you can extend the battery life: 1, do not use the last few kilometers of the battery, the battery damage is very large. Because at the end of the day, there are many lead sulfates, the internal resistance is large, the current is also large, and the battery is very hot, which is easy to cause deformation of the plates. For example, the battery is the same as a human, and it is enough to run a marathon, more than 40 kilometers, but can not run a marathon every time, too hurt the body. Every time you run 20 kilometers, rest (charge), that is, exercise. 2, do not always charge for 10 hours, although the final stage of charging most chargers is trickle charging, the current is less than 1a, but there is still a voltage more than the battery is added to the battery, the battery will lose water. The current battery is a maintenance-free battery, which is a rubber cap that presses hydrogen and oxygen into the battery and reduces it to water. However, if the pressure is too large, some hydrogen and oxygen will be precipitated. When the battery is charged for more than ten hours, the electrolyte inside the battery will become thicker and thicker, and the voltage will become higher, but the positive plate will accelerate corrosion and the life will be shortened. The solution is to buy a time control socket, Taobao on 10 dollars, adjusted to 8 hours of charging. Or buy a charger with automatic power-off function, generally more than 50 yuan charger, there will be this function.

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