How To Activate The Lithium Battery Without Electricity?

How To Activate The Lithium Battery Without Electricity?

Date:Mar 21, 2019

Battery activation is called "Power Scale Calibration" on Lenovo Power Management Software. When using Everest to detect power on the PC side, there is a “design capacity”, followed by “full charge capacity”. If the two values are the same, you will see the “Battery Loss” item below 0%; Generally, the battery that has just been shipped from the factory or is not maintained for a long time, the "full charge capacity" will be less than the "design capacity", and the battery loss will be **%. This means that the battery is not "completely full", we need to "completely charge and discharge" (uninterrupted charge for 12 hours or more after full discharge) to fully "develop" the "potential" of the battery. This process of fully charging and discharging is called "activation of the battery". The power management software of Lenovo Thinkpad and so on has a similar principle of "power scale calibration".

I think some old technology batteries like NiMH need to be activated. The theory of lithium batteries is in need of intensification because of the need to form a protective layer of SEI on the negative electrode. But this process has actually been completed in the production test phase. Personally feel that consumers have such a service for the misunderstanding of the battery.

Your mobile phone battery is "hungry" dead, can't open the machine and does not charge, then you need to activate! First of all, the so-called starvation is the phenomenon that the battery can not be recharged when the battery is not powered or the battery is very low. Then there are two ways to activate it: First, it can be activated by using a universal charger for about 20 minutes. The second is to give the mobile phone repair shop a more professional voltage, such as a 12-volt power supply to activate, specifically put the positive and negative poles of the battery in the positive and negative electrodes of the battery for dozens of seconds or even a few minutes to power it on, open it! Finally, after activation, you can use the direct charge as the original, and it will not have a significant impact on the life.

Two: Charge with the instrument. (If the above method does not work, the battery is also fault-free, you need to use the 'regulated power supply' to activate, the black line is connected to the battery negative, the red is connected to the battery positive, the charging voltage reaches 3.8V, you can use the lithium battery device, the first It does not need to be charged for 12 hours at a time, this is not necessary!

2. Recharge the battery at any time, it has no effect on your device, because the lithium battery is not afraid of charging, I am afraid that there is no electricity!

3. If the battery is exhausted, please charge it as soon as possible. If the time is too long, the battery will not be able to sleep!

Type of battery:

First of all, we must first understand that there are many different types of batteries, and the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad use the "Li-ion lithium-ion rechargeable battery". Generally, we buy the so-called [primary battery] at the convenience store. Commonly used are alkaline batteries, manganese dry batteries, silver oxide batteries, mercury batteries, etc. These batteries can only be used once, after the power is used up, it must be discarded and recycled!

The other is [secondary battery], which is also called a rechargeable battery, common types such as nickel-cadmium batteries, lead-acid batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells and so on.

The idea that the new battery needs to be charged for more than 12 hours is actually a continuation of the previous nickel battery, such as nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) and nickel-hydrogen (Ni-MH) batteries, but the technology is improving, after the lithium battery, In fact, there is absolutely no need to do this action! Even excessive charging and discharging are harmful to lithium batteries.

Many products (mobile phones, digital cameras, satellite navigation) in the manual will require you to fully charge for more than 12 hours when you use it for the first time. In fact, it is for "safety" because these products are shipped from the factory until sales. To the user's hand, this process may take several months, and these batteries may be lost due to the slow loss during this time, so in the original description, it is usually recommended that you first connect Charger, and to charge more than 12 hours, in fact, to avoid starting to play when you get the device, if you play the battery below 2.5V, then the battery is bad!

In other words, the lithium battery is not afraid to charge at any time, but is afraid of no electricity! When the battery is low, you should charge it as soon as possible or replace the battery. Don't let it run out completely (for example, the battery of a digital camera, don't try to shoot it completely, it hurts).

If the lithium battery is not powered, and it will not be used for a long time or charged, it will cause the lithium battery to fail because it is too low. It is often used when the lithium battery is exhausted. Its life expectancy is at least less than half, so don't be careless.


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