Intelligent Fingerprint Door Lock Battery Selection

Intelligent Fingerprint Door Lock Battery Selection

Date:Mar 29, 2019

During the Spring Festival, many families who installed smart door locks were more reassured, and they continued to replace batteries for their own door locks. But I saw a lot of netizens spit out their smart door lock battery a little leaking, causing the battery bottom aging problem, basically found that many users forget to change the battery, or because of long time travel, did not have time to replace the battery; or used some inferior quality The battery, which causes the entire door lock to be replaced, is really a pity.

After all, this battery is the only driving energy source for smart door locks. Of course, it can be used as much as possible. Because once the door lock is damaged, it may cause some safety hazards, so we will mention this problem when we lock the customer. Generally, we will recommend a special door lock battery. The so-called professional industry has specialization, professional battery is sure. There is something extraordinary about it.

Smart door locks are most afraid of battery leakage, so professional door lock batteries are also targeted technical blessings in this regard. Smart door lock battery, many large brands generally use alloy leak-proof casing, double leak-proof seal, research and innovation leak-proof formula three innovative battery technology, with no leakage characteristics. Therefore, it also has a certain degree of moisture resistance, and it is also easy to deal with the southern rainy season.

I believe that friends in the South are deeply touched. Like some alkaline batteries, when they are in the rainy season, they will leak out soon, and even corrode the interface of the electrical appliances, which will directly cause the electrical appliances to fail to work. Therefore, for smarter door locks, which are more sophisticated and particularly safety-conscious, it is true to use professional door lock batteries.

In fact, not only in response to the rainy season, even in low-temperature environments, these smart door lock batteries can work stably. The smart door lock battery has been completely designed for low temperature and cold weather. It has been tested to work normally at a low temperature of 20 °C. It can be seen that the professional door lock battery can maintain the discharge stability in response to the complex environment. These are all unmatched by ordinary alkaline batteries.

Therefore, sometimes the masters of these smart door lock assemblies still have to listen more. After all, people are professional, just like the professional door lock battery. Many of its characteristics are also specially designed to take into account the work of the door lock.

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