Is The Safety Of Electric Vehicle Batteries Safe

Is The Safety Of Electric Vehicle Batteries Safe

Date:Jul 15, 2019

In recent years, news of fires in electric vehicle batteries at home and abroad has often appeared. Similar incidents have occurred in the United States, Mexico, France, the Netherlands and other places. According to the information provided by the State Administration of Markets, from January to October 2018, there were more than 40 incidents of fires in new energy vehicles.

Why are electric car fire accidents often related to batteries? Hu Rongrong, the person in charge of Huineng Technology, said that when the battery of the electric vehicle is short-circuited, puncture, overcharge, impact, etc., the electrolyte inside the battery will quickly accumulate thermal energy. When the internal temperature of the battery core reaches 110 °C, it is out of control. The starting point, followed by a series of chain reactions, causes the heat and temperature to continue to accumulate, with a probability of causing fire and other safety incidents.

At present, most electric vehicles are equipped with lithium batteries, and the lithium battery technology itself is relatively safe and reliable. However, when designing some models, the OEMs have some safety hazards in the layout of the battery packs in order to save battery space and improve the vehicle's battery life. It is easy to cause spontaneous combustion of the battery.

It is understood that, due to limited charging facilities and other reasons, consumers generally have certain requirements for the cruising range of electric vehicles, so that car companies will sacrifice some stability when pursuing the high energy density of batteries. However, this situation is changing, and the market's requirements for cruising range are becoming more rational as the charging infrastructure is improved.

According to industry insiders, from the past statistics, the self-ignition rate of electric vehicles is not higher than that of traditional fuel vehicles. With the development of technology, consumers should have confidence in the battery safety of electric vehicles.

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