Japan And South Korea Power Battery Company

Japan And South Korea Power Battery Company

Date:Feb 22, 2019

Before China vigorously promoted the development strategy of the new energy automobile industry, Japanese and Korean battery companies have already squeezed into the power battery suppliers of global mainstream car companies such as Daimler, Volkswagen and BMW by virtue of technology and cost. However, due to a series of factors, in the beginning of the development of China's new energy automobile industry, Japanese and Korean battery companies have not been able to enter China, the world's largest power battery market. However, at that time, the trend of the global automotive industry to the electrification revolution has gradually become clear. Due to the unsatisfactory entry into the Chinese market, South Korea’s Samsung SDI, LG Chem and SKI companies immediately turned their attention to the gathering of car giants and the power of electrification. In the European region, the European factory model was opened.


Samsung SDI: In August 2016, Samsung SDI invested about 400 billion won (about 360 million US dollars) to build a factory for producing electric vehicle batteries in Hungary. It was officially put into operation in August 2018 and can provide 50,000 electric vehicles. Power Battery.


SKI: At the end of 2017, SKI announced that it will spend about 730 million US dollars to build a power battery factory in Hungary. It is expected to achieve mass production in 2020. The new plant's total power battery capacity will reach 7 GWh, which can meet the demand for nearly 200,000 electric vehicles.


LG Chem: In October 2017, LG Chem announced the construction of Europe's largest power battery plant near Wroclaw, Poland. The project is expected to invest US$1.63 billion to produce enough batteries for 100,000 battery packs. The plant capacity will reach 20GWh by 2020. In December of the same year, LG Chem said it would invest more in its Polish battery plant to increase the annual battery production of the plant to 70 GWh.


At the same time, it is reported that Japanese power battery manufacturer GS Yuasa plans to build a power battery factory in Europe. However, Panasonic has not yet made it clear whether it is necessary to set foot in the European market in the short term.


From the perspective of Korean companies' location of their power battery factories in Europe, they are located in Eastern Europe. Some analysts pointed out that Korean battery companies chose to build factories in Eastern Europe, on the one hand, taking into account the low local labor costs and high labor quality; on the other hand, logistics costs are also very low, and closer to the European automobile manufacturing center.

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