Lithium Batteries Need To Innovate In Reducing Pollution

Lithium Batteries Need To Innovate In Reducing Pollution

Date:Sep 11, 2019

Reducing pollution requires innovative technology

The higher the scale of electric vehicles, the greater the output of batteries, the stronger the economy of the industry, and the process of production will be more efficient and less polluting.

In this regard, energy exploration technology companies committed to research and development of breakthrough lithium technology said that in order to meet the growing demand for lithium in electric vehicles, it is hoped that new technologies can be used to improve the production of brine, even low-concentration brine resources that could not be mined before. . “Our goal is to develop a lithium extraction separation membrane that is fast, low cost, high recovery, and minimal impact on the environment.” The company's CEO, Tig Egan, said the company's metal-organic framework membranes can be optimized by extraction processes. To increase production, thereby significantly reducing the production price of lithium. “This can significantly increase production, while producers and their customers can also achieve higher economic returns.”

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