Look At The Advantages Of The Super-salt Sodium Salt Battery

Look At The Advantages Of The Super-salt Sodium Salt Battery

Date:Apr 04, 2019
  1. Resistant to overcharge. When the discharge exceeds the normal discharge, the nickel chloride is depleted and the voltage of the battery will drop rapidly. Through the performance of this powerful inflection point, the sodium salt battery will be very easy to measure the discharge end point, and the battery protection circuit board can easily protect the battery. If it continues to discharge does not rely on battery protection system? In the sodium salt battery, sodium will continue to react with the electrolyte (about 1.58 V). According to the actual measurement, the single cell and the assembled battery can be safely overcharged by more than 50%.

  2.  Powerful battery serialization capability. Unlike lithium-ion batteries, if a single-cell battery has a problem, it will cause damage to the entire battery pack (the problem still occurs in excessive charge and discharge). When the sodium salt battery is overcharged and discharged in a single battery, it is first reflected in the electrolyte mode. If the sodium is consumed, the electrolyte will be broken. However, due to the presence of metallic aluminum, the battery is still electrically conductive at this time, and it is still possible to form a long battery string in series.

  3. The battery is easy to assemble. Although sodium metal is used as the positive electrode, metal sodium is not required in the assembly process, and only sodium chloride and nickel are required, and after recharging, sodium metal and nickel chloride can be obtained. Metallic sodium is flammable and the use of sodium chloride is rich and safe, which is more advantageous than other sodium batteries.

  4. Rich in raw materials. I don't have to say anything about this. Sodium chloride is edible salt, and thieves are cheap. But I don't know if the electrolyte is expensive, but the sodium chloride thief is cheaper.

  5. High security performance.

  6. The cycle performance is good.

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