New Energy Industry Of Power Equipment Review: Low-speed Electric Vehicles

New Energy Industry Of Power Equipment Review: Low-speed Electric Vehicles "GB" Very Obvious, And Lead-acid Battery Upgrade

Date:Apr 20, 2016

Opinion: low-speed electric vehicles "GB" very obvious, and lead-acid battery upgrade for Li-Echelon EV batteries using new exports. Recently, the highly anticipated low speed electric vehicle management policy had been submitted four ministries signing completed, May enter the public comment period. Since 2008, in the absence of any State investment and subsidies case, rely only on market-led, low-speed electric vehicle industry in China is a wild growth. The 2015 national low-speed electric vehicles sales rose 50%, to 60duowanliang. According to informed experts revealed, speed electric positive of a items necessary is "lead acid battery upgrade into lithium battery", and or will proposed speed and range mileage reached double "70" of technology conditions, due to speed electric on range mileage requirements relative General Electric threshold lower, and General Electric power battery energy below 80% on cannot continues to using, most general electric range mileage are in 150 km above, speed electric of "collection rules of", and "lithium electrification" For Echelon to ordinary electric power use to bring in a new direction. Featured subject: male Tao Xuan high-tech shares, sources of power, country, objects of other benefits including energy Penghui, narada, BYD.

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