New Pattern Of RCEP Creates New Opportunities For The Development Of Battery Industry

New Pattern Of RCEP Creates New Opportunities For The Development Of Battery Industry

Date:Dec 27, 2020

Under the ultra-low tariff, the demand for China's power battery market will reach a new high

At present, the ASEAN market is undoubtedly the best foothold. One belt, one road ahead of the European Union and the United States, has a huge market and abundant natural resources for hundreds of millions of people compared to Europe and the United States. In recent years, GDP has maintained a gratifying growth. The low-speed electric vehicle has a large market in the daily life of ASEAN countries, so the market potential of the battery industry is huge. On the other hand, China and ASEAN are working together under the "one belt and one way" framework. It has been continuously strengthened. Since 2018, some auto tariffs of China ASEAN Free Trade Agreement have been further reduced, which provides a historical opportunity for Chinese auto enterprises to accelerate the development of ASEAN market.

Now, China China China has China one belt, one road to the second largest economy in the world. Under the guidance of the "one belt and one way" policy, ASEAN's dependence on the Chinese market is getting higher and higher. ASEAN's political and business relations with China are also getting better and better. In the new energy field, RCEP may also promote domestic enterprises to lay out battery materials and battery capacity in the ASEAN market, and RCEP will also benefit the export of China's two wheel vehicles. India, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand are the major motorcycle sales countries in the world. In RCEP agreement, Indonesia and Vietnam have a large range of tax preferences for Chinese motorcycles. Among them, Indonesia implemented tax preference for most of China's motorcycles and electric two wheeled vehicles, and the final tax was reduced to zero.

The gradual reduction of tariffs on two wheeled motorcycles from Indonesia and Vietnam, the two largest motorcycle sales countries, will benefit China's head power two wheeled motorcycles enterprises to go to sea for a long time, and promote the upgrading of motorcycle products and the increase of electric penetration in Southeast Asia. As the core component of the two wheeled vehicle, the battery will also usher in a favorable situation. In 2019, the total export volume of China's main chemical power supply varieties will be 32.504 billion, the export volume of lithium-ion batteries will be 2.087 billion, the export volume of lead-acid batteries will be 170.29 million, and the export volume of starting lead-acid batteries will be 27.81 million.

The signing of RCEP will bring new benefits to the layout of overseas battery market. The battery enterprises entering the Japanese automobile supply industry chain have great space in all directions of 12V lithium battery, 48V lithium battery, PHEV and Bev battery. At the same time, 90% of the tariff products in the free trade zone will achieve zero tariff, the market demand of RCEP member countries for Chinese batteries will reach a new high, and the trade prospect will be very broad.

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