Panasonic Plans To Trial Produce Tesla's New Cheap Battery In 2021

Panasonic Plans To Trial Produce Tesla's New Cheap Battery In 2021

Date:Dec 28, 2020

A cheaper Tesla is coming? It is reported that Panasonic plans to start trial production of Tesla's cheaper new battery as early as 2021. At present, Tesla is also promoting the self-manufacture of new batteries, and Panasonic's earlier trial production will help it obtain further orders from Tesla in the future.

It is reported that Matsushita will take the zhuzhijiang plant in Osaka City as a candidate plant, build a new production line on the existing equipment and introduce trial production equipment. The investment is expected to reach billions of yen.

In September, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the idea of a new battery. The new battery is a cylinder with a diameter of 4.6cm and a length of 8cm, which is larger than the battery currently used by Tesla and has different electrode materials. Tesla said the new battery could reduce the production cost per unit capacity of the battery by about half.

In order to promote the early mass production of new batteries, Tesla is constantly recruiting people in the field of batteries. At present, new batteries are ready for pilot production in Tesla's Fremont factory. Although Tesla plans to make its own new batteries, it may be difficult for the inexperienced Tesla to grasp the quality control and production efficiency of battery products. Therefore, Panasonic intervenes at this time. If it can achieve scale production earlier than Tesla, it will continue to hold the status of Tesla as a major battery supplier in the future.

Panasonic's production of new Tesla batteries is in response to Tesla's demand, indicating that Tesla has great expectations for this partner. Panasonic was previously Tesla's exclusive battery supplier, but since this year, LG Chemical and Ningde era have become new competitors threatening Panasonic's status. In addition, Tesla's letting Panasonic do its own research is also a good backup of its own battery supply system. But for the majority of car owners, the more exciting news is that the 200000 Tesla is coming!

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