RCEP Will Bring A Breakthrough Opportunity For China's Battery Industry

RCEP Will Bring A Breakthrough Opportunity For China's Battery Industry

Date:Dec 27, 2020

China is the world's largest producer, consumer and exporter of batteries. It has the most complete battery industry chain in terms of materials, equipment, systems, applications, packs and accessories, and has obvious advantages in export cooperation. At the beginning of the year, the sudden outbreak of a major epidemic has had a huge impact on Global trade, leading to the plight of "unable to go out".

Throughout the world, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in RCEP member countries is relatively optimistic. Singapore, Japan and other countries have gradually relaxed the restrictions on the entry and exit of Chinese citizens, reflecting the urgency of their governments to boost their economy. In the future, going out to sea is no longer a patent only belonging to large enterprises and groups. Small and medium-sized enterprises are striving for innovation and change in the era of stock game in the domestic market. At the same time, they are actively embracing the new market, which is bound to have unexpected results. The signing of RCEP will better create a breakthrough opportunity for the export of China's battery industry.

Global battery Expo fits RCEP strategy perfectly

"Canton Fair of battery industry" becomes a window to go to sea

It is worth mentioning that since its inception in 2016, WBE world battery industry expo has been positioned to promote global battery market transactions, and always adheres to the core strategy of "bringing in foreign high-quality purchasers and helping Chinese excellent enterprises to go out". Over the past few years, through cooperation with foreign media, associations, embassies, exhibitions and conferences, more than 40 multinational foreign language elites of the "International Department · foreign invitation center", the core organization of the organizer, have accumulated hundreds of thousands of overseas buyer resources and accurate databases, realizing point-to-point straight-line invitation. According to the summary statistics, the first five sessions of WBE received more than 100000 professional visitors and more than 17040 foreign buyers from all over the world! Its influence has spread over more than 50 countries and regions in the world, and it has become a global event with the largest number of international purchasers in the industry. It has been unanimously rated as "Canton Fair of battery industry" by the industry!

Over the years, among the top 30 international purchasers in countries and regions, Asian countries are in the forefront. With the signing of RCEP, WBE organizers will pay more attention to the invitation of purchasers from RCEP member countries, and provide a more comprehensive and efficient platform for global buyers to understand China's battery, technology and market, so as to promote the interaction, trade and cooperation between RCEP member countries and China's battery technology market. If China's battery enterprises want to quickly open up the overseas market, it is undoubtedly the best choice to participate in WBE world battery industry expo. Therefore, the organizer will specially set up the battery / energy storage theme exhibition area of RCEP free trade zone. At the same time, the Asia Pacific battery industry summit will help enterprises interview hundreds of professional purchasers and overseas high-quality merchants at ultra-low cost through double linkage of exhibition and conference It will become a window for China's battery industry chain to go out to sea!

Southeast Asian countries have always been one of the main sources of international purchasers of the world battery Expo. The Expo has attracted the attention of foreign buyers for many years. It has cooperated with more than 30 international associations and institutions around the world. It has also organized investors and enterprise purchasing representatives to visit the Expo site for many times and appreciated the professionalism and high-quality service of the Expo.

It is reported that the 2021 world battery industry expo and the 6th Asia Pacific battery exhibition will be held in the exhibition hall of Guangzhou Canton Fair from August 16 to 18, 2021.

It has become a trend for domestic battery enterprises to go out to sea, and more and more Chinese enterprises are going out to the international stage. It is believed that with the establishment of the world's largest free trade zone and the favorable policies of RCEP, Chinese battery enterprises will also grow rapidly and bring made in China to the world through the stage of the world battery industry expo.

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