The Advantage Of Gel Battery

The Advantage Of Gel Battery

Date:Dec 28, 2019

The battery is divided into two types: ordinary and gel. The latter is also called maintenance-free battery. The simplest way for gel batteries is to add a gelling agent to sulfuric acid to make the electrohydraulic acid in a colloidal state. Electro-hydraulic batteries are often called colloidal batteries. The difference between a gel battery and a conventional lead-acid battery is not only that the electro-hydraulic is changed to a gel state. For example, non-coagulated water-based colloids belong to the same colloidal battery in terms of electrochemical classification structure and characteristics. Another example is the separation of polymer materials in the grid, commonly known as ceramic grid, which can also be regarded as the application characteristics of colloidal batteries.

The biggest difference between gel batteries and ordinary batteries is that there is a set of water inlets on the top of ordinary batteries. Be sure to observe carefully when purchasing, because some manufacturers use a delicate plastic cover to block the water inlet. There is an observation hole on the top of the gel battery. The color inside the hole indicates the state of the battery, green indicates normal, black indicates power loss, and white indicates the battery is damaged, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

The main advantages of gel batteries: high quality and long cycle life. The gel electrolyte can form a solid protective layer around the electrode plates, protect the electrode plates from damage or rupture due to vibration or collision, prevent the electrode plates from being corroded, and reduce the electrode plate bending and inter-electrode plate during heavy load use The short circuit will not reduce the capacity, and has good physical and chemical protection, which is twice the life of ordinary lead-acid batteries.

It is safe to use, environmentally friendly, and belongs to the real green power supply. The electrolyte of a gel battery is a solid, sealed structure, and the gel electrolyte will never leak, so that the specific gravity of each part in the battery is consistent. The use of special calcium-lead-tin alloy grids is more corrosion-resistant and has better charge acceptance. Ultra-high-strength separators are used to avoid short circuits. Imported high-quality safety valve, precise valve control to regulate pressure. Equipped with filtering acid mist explosion-proof device, more secure and reliable. During use, there is no precipitation of acid mist gas, no electrolyte spillage, no harmful elements to the human body during production, no toxicity, no pollution, and a large amount of electrolyte leakage and penetration during the use of traditional lead-acid batteries is avoided. Floating charge current is small, the battery generates less heat, and the electrolyte does not undergo acid stratification.

Deep discharge cycle performance is good. The battery can be recharged 100% when the battery is recharged in time after deep discharge, which can meet the needs of high frequency and deep discharge, so its use range is wider than that of lead-acid batteries.

Small self-discharge, good deep discharge performance, strong charge acceptance, small potential difference, and large capacitance. Significantly improved in low temperature starting capacity, charge retention ability, electrolyte retention ability, cycle durability, vibration resistance, and temperature resistance. Store for 2 years at room temperature of 20 ° C and put it into operation without charging.

Adapt to the environment (temperature) widely. It can be used in the temperature range of -40 ° C to 65 ° C. It has good low temperature performance and is suitable for northern high and cold areas. Good seismic performance, can be used safely in a variety of harsh environments. It is not limited by space and can be placed in any orientation when used.

It is fast and convenient to use. Due to the good consistency of the internal resistance, capacity and floating charging voltage of the single battery, there is no need for balanced charging and frequent maintenance.

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