The Development Of Chaowei Battery Is Amazing

The Development Of Chaowei Battery Is Amazing

Date:Apr 04, 2019

With the new national standard for electric vehicles and the new national standard for batteries, the weight of the entire vehicle is strictly limited. The battery industry is facing major changes. Lightweight and energy density are also becoming more urgent, and technology research and development has become a bottleneck in the industry. The biggest gateway.

Chaowei Group, which has always been known as “Technology Leading”, has continuously intensified its technological innovation. The internal structure and material formula of the products have been continuously upgraded, and major breakthroughs have been made. It is the first to realize the requirements of lightweight technical reform and reduce the weight of batteries under the same volume. Output more energy, the specific energy is greatly improved, the enterprise standard exceeds the national standard requirements!

It is reported that the current 20AH battery on the market requires 6.8 kg of weight to achieve the energy output, Chaowei battery can only be achieved by weighing 6.6 kg, once again leading!

Driven by powerful technology, the quality of Chaowei battery is qualitatively changed, and the cost is greatly reduced, further expanding the advantages of the company's own cost leadership, and greatly improving the product cost performance while bringing products with cost-effective to consumers.

Not only is technology leading the way, Chaowei also launched a series of black technology products. As the industry's first new national standard lead-acid battery, the new Rubik's Cube battery improves the battery performance by optimizing the battery structure, making the weight lighter and successfully solving the problem that the weight of the vehicle (including the battery) must not exceed 55KG. The new national standard electric vehicle lithium battery - "True Endurance" uses automotive-grade power batteries, long-lasting battery life, power 6-fold safety protection effectively extend battery life, comprehensive protection of battery power safety.

In addition, black technology crystals such as Turant battery, sodium salt battery, zinc power battery, zinc-nickel single-liquid battery also form a powerful product carrier, which will inject a powerful driving force for market competition!

At present, the overcapacity of the battery industry is an indisputable fact. As the leading brand of power battery, Chaowei's technological innovation has made the technology dividend continuous release, which makes Chaowei not only stand at the top of the industry technology, but also lead the industry to carry out the technological revolution.

The battery industry is facing an unprecedented reshuffle challenge. Only by continuously innovating and mastering core technologies can we have more development opportunities. The leading edge of Chaowei Technology highlights the value and prospects of the company. In the future, Chaowei will continue to deepen technological reforms and promote new breakthroughs in the new energy industry!

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