The Electric Vehicle Lead-acid Battery And Lithium Battery,which Is Better?

The Electric Vehicle Lead-acid Battery And Lithium Battery,which Is Better?

Date:Dec 25, 2018

With the progress of society, the development of the economy, and the improvement of people's living standards, we know that electric vehicles have been developed in China for more than 20 years. Their advantages such as energy saving, environmental protection, convenience and convenience are much appreciated by people, and the drawbacks are obvious. The lack of endurance ability makes the electric car always in front of the motorcycle big brother. Many experts and scholars are also painstakingly studying how to change the kidney or kidney to make the electric car regain self-confidence. Among them, the lithium battery is nowadays. A good solution, there is a great possibility to reproduce the glory of electric vehicles. Then the question comes: Which is better for electric vehicles, lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries?

With the renewal of the battery technology of electric energy vehicles, the development of lithium batteries has a tendency to rise from the safflower double stick to the corporate boss. However, it is only rising. Due to its own performance, cost performance and other reasons, there is still a long way to go to replace the status of lead-acid battery brother, and the big brother lead-acid battery is also constantly making self-breakthrough.

Today's weather is good, it is up to the old man (who accidentally said leaked) to take the look at the official to understand the battery club inside the red flower double stick (lithium battery) and the community boss (lead acid battery) homework, recent rainy days Don't forget to go home to collect clothes for the results of your exams.

So let's start with a lead-acid battery:

The ancestral school of lead-acid batteries

1: Golden bell iron cloth shirt (hard!) Lead acid boss has always been strong in his strong, he breeze Fushan. He served as his cross, and the moon was based on the principle of the river. The lead-acid battery is easy to support, and you can continue to use it if you drop it and repair it.

2: The price of cabbage (cheap!) Lead boss is able to cross the battery community for many years and sit on the boss's position all for this reason! Cheap, in addition to cheap or cheap.

3: Re-casting re-casting (recoverable reverse repair) lead-acid battery comes with recyclable skills. After use, you can go to the electric car shop to replace it with a new one, and make up the difference to minimize the loss. It is a small benefit to the user.

Since it is absolutely impossible to learn, then look at the shortcomings of lead-acid batteries: large volume, limited battery capacity, short life, lead-acid batteries are generally deep charge deep discharge within 400 times, have memory, life expectancy is about two years .

Lithium battery ancestral school

1: Ancestral light work (light weight, small size) Lithium battery from a small age, compared with the same capacity lead-acid battery on the market, the lithium battery volume is 2 / 3 of the volume of lead-acid batteries, the weight is about lead-acid batteries 1/3 of the weight. The same volume of lithium battery is higher than the lead-acid battery, and the weight loss increases the electric vehicle's endurance by about 10%.

2: Health and durability (increased life) Lithium battery has a good health, lithium battery life expectancy is about 4 years, 1.5 times higher than lead acid battery life, charge and discharge more than 500 times, battery use no memory, shock resistance Strong.

3: Ancestral Qigong vomiting method (resistance to overcharge, good charge and discharge resistance) Lithium battery from the beginning to open the odd eight pulse, so that under normal temperature, the lithium battery can be continuously charged for 48 hours without battery expansion and leakage When the accident occurred, the capacity remained above 95%. And under the dedicated charger, you can perform fast charge and discharge.

Lithium batteries have many advantages, but their disadvantages are more obvious.

The production cost of the lithium battery is high, the production equipment is expensive, the labor cost accounts for about 40% of the production cost, and the price is about three times that of the lead-acid battery. Its triple price brings the price/performance ratio is not high, it gives people a sense of slickness, and the lithium battery can't be recycled. If it is broken, it can only be thrown away, or find a place to bury it. After thousands of years, later generations dig It’s antiques.

The most important problem is that lithium batteries have the safety hazard of fire and explosion, especially when consumers are unknowingly swindled by profiteers to buy inferior lithium batteries. In electric vehicles, the sealing conditions are not too good, and it is easy to get wet. Poor and other reasons may cause potential safety hazards. However, the technical performance of lithium batteries is also constantly improving, and high-safety materials are being used. The potential safety hazards may be just a little worry. It may be that the world of lithium batteries may not be long before.

Which is better for electric vehicles lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries? At this stage, it can only be determined by demand.


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