The Inventor Of The Battery - Alessandro Volt

The Inventor Of The Battery - Alessandro Volt

Date:Sep 27, 2019

Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anatasio Volt (February 18, 1745 - March 5, 1827), an Italian physicist.

Although Volt did not find electricity, he came up with a good idea to carry electricity - "Volt Stack". The "Volt Stack" is the world's first battery and a pioneer in modern batteries.

Volt has been studying about electricity for a lifetime. In the early days, he invented the electric disk, and a year later he devoted himself to the closed-chamber gas ignition power generation experiment, in which he discovered biogas. However, what really made it famous is the "Volt Stack", which is actually a stack of zinc sheets and copper sheets, and a mixture of two metal sheets to enhance the conductivity and soak the salt water. But it is this rough battery that shows the world how to use the metal-chemical combination to generate electricity.

In 1810, Napoleon awarded the title of Count of Volt in recognition of the great Italian inventor. In 1881, his name was known as the unit of voltage "Volt".

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