The Quality Of Chilwee Battery Is Upgraded Again, And The Technology Is Super Powerful.

The Quality Of Chilwee Battery Is Upgraded Again, And The Technology Is Super Powerful.

Date:Dec 29, 2018

As the city's traffic became more and more congested, more people began to look at electric vehicles. What is the most important thing about choosing an electric car? Of course it is the battery of an electric car. Chilwee Group has always been aiming to provide better services to consumers. The quality of the super-powered batteries produced has been upgraded again, and the innovation and technology are not forgotten. With such a firm belief,Chilwee Group has produced more lightweight, high-energy and powerful products.


Speaking of high-quality star products in Chilwee battery,you have to mention the "national level" battery that is satisfying many consumers - Chilwee Black Gold "upgrade +". Since its listing on October 1 this year, it has received wide acclaim from users all over the world, and it is worthy of being a model in Chilwee's high-quality battery.

For the persistence of battery quality, Chilwee only does "power". From the initial Chilwee Group as the first domestic enterprise to create a genuine black gold battery, the upgraded version of Chilwee Black Gold was born, and then the upgrade of Chilwee Black Gold “Upgrade+”, whether it is from the first-line dealers, or the associates and terminal operators. As well as consumers, after using Weiwei Black Gold, they are very satisfied, and the feedback from users is the most powerful proof of high quality products!

Chilwee Group insists on “quality war”, and the product quality is consistently and continuously improved. Chilwee Black Gold “upgrade+” battery adopts new graphite based on graphene technology practice and higher technical standards. The long-lasting technology is a truly lightweight, high-energy, high-quality battery. Long-term technology leads innovation and upgrade, and the quality is naturally more reliable.

Good products speak with strength. In order to respond to the "new national standard" policy and to give back to the support and trust of the majority of users, Chilwee Black Gold "upgrade +" battery enjoys a three-month preferential policy for warranty extension. Chilwee battery quality is excellent,only dare to promise. Chilwee insists on scientific and technological innovation and quality, so you need to have such a super battery!

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